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Nippers with and without “heel” – what’s the difference?

Brand manager of the "Nippers" category. I`ll tell you which tool will be good for you.

The STALEKS PRO range is rich in nippers. We have a tool with different lengths of handles (for the palm of any size), with two types of springs (plates and spiral), with different lengths of the cutting part. In our range, you can easily find nail nippers for skin, nails and even for ingrown toenails. More about the differences can be found in our blog. Everything for the nail stylists who can confidently create beauty!

Today we’ll talk about another feature of skin nippers – the presence or absence of a “heel.” Many nail stylists scrupulously choose nippers preferring only one option. What is a heel, and what role does it play? How to choose the most convenient tool? What can STALEKS PRO offer? About all this, you can read further.


What is the “heel” in the nippers?

It is the degree of protrusion of the cutting part of the nippers from the side of handles, towards the flat of the entire tool. . The heel height affects the depth of the capture of the cuticle and skin from the lateral nail folds.

It means nippers with a heel can grab more skin than without it. Nippers with a heel will help to make a neat manicure to clients with rough skin. The heelless tool is ideal for thin skin with closely spaced blood vessels.

The answer to the question “which nippers to choose – with or without heel?” will depend on the technique of the nail stylist. Still, beginners are recommended to start with nippers without a heel, because the possibility of “cutting off more the needed” will be lower.  

Nippers with a heel will  suit you if:

  • You are a nail stylist with experience;
  • Your client’s skin is rough, and blood vessels are not close;
  • You used these nippers before and got used to using them.

Heelless nippers will suit you if:

  • You are a beginner nail stylist or have not practiced yet;
  • Your client’s cuticle is thin, the blood vessels are close, and there is a big risk of injury;
  • You are looking for the safest tool.


What does the STALEKS PRO brand offer?

A tool without a heel can become an additional assistant for hardware and combined manicure techniques when most of the skin is removed with drill bits. We focus on all the needs of nail technicians. Therefore, in the range, we offer nippers with a heel and nippers without it.

The heel is absent in models of nippers NS-11-7 (Smart line) and NE-72-9 (Expert). Both tools have straight cutting edges at an angle, smooth, soft stroke, and polished joint. The differences between them are in the handles (in Smart nippers, they are shortened, in Expert – elongated) and in the coating (matte color in Smart and glossy coating in Expert).

All other STALEKS PRO nippers have a heel. In some models, it is tiny; in others, it is more noticeable. We advise you to focus only on your habits, on what kind of nippers you will be more comfortable using.

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