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Nail and skin nippers: what's different?

Brand manager of the "Nippers" category. I`ll tell you which tool will be good for you.

Professional instruments help nail specialists make neat manicure and achieve the desired results in their work. Each manicure instrument has special properties and functions, but all high-grade tools have one thing in common: they are compliant with the strict quality requirements due to which they retain excellent cutting properties and sharpness for longer.

Manufacturer of beauty tools for professional use, STALEKS PRO, introduces you to our range of products. Today we have manicure nippers for skin and nails in our sights. What is the difference between these seemingly similar tools? To answer this question, it is important to know about the design peculiarities of skin and nail nippers.


Skin nippers: features

Intended for cuticle removal and treatment of the side skin folds. Most often this instrument is used in the classic (cutting) manicure technique. This procedure has to be performed with care and surgical precision to avoid injury to the delicate, thin skin. Also, skin nippers come in handy for machine manicure when you need to cut short, difficult to reach cuticles.

Accordingly, for the perfect performance of the instrument, the following factors are important:

1.     Quality material.

The best choice here is medical grade steel. STALEKS PRO offers nippers made of highly corrosion resistant AISI 420 steel (SMART and EXPERT series). Instruments of the EXCLUSIVE series are an exception in this case, as they are made of AISI 440 steel. Such nippers have unmatched hardness and are amazingly wear-resistant.

2.     Ergonomic handles.

Comfort of grip and softness of stroke directly affect the strain on the manicurist’s hand and, thus, the precision of the cuticle removal. STALEKS PRO offers the perfectly ergonomic solutions – EXPERT series nippers with undulated or curved handles.

The length of the handles also affects the convenience and comfort of operation. The range of STALEKS PRO products has models with various handle length options so everyone can pick up the right tool for a job.

3.     Size and type of cutting edges. 

Special attention must be paid to this issue because there are many varieties of the cutting edges, and this should be taken into account when choosing an instrument:

  • Cutting edge length can range from 3 to 19 mm. Depending on the chosen manicure technique, the manicurist can select an instrument for their personal preferences.
  • Various inclination angles. Inclination angle affects hand positioning during operation, so this choice depends on the individual preferences of the master.
  • Shapes of the nippers heads: ✓ Elongated, ✓ Rounded. Overview of the treated area depends on the nippers head shape.
  • The “heel” (protrusion of the cutting part). Its height affects the depth of skin capture. It is recommended to use the nippers without heel for thin cuticles.

4.      Manual sharpening and cutting qualities.

All professional instruments by STALEKS PRO go through several stages of manual sharpening. This ensures perfect sharpness of the cutting edges and flawless pinching.

5.     The smoothness of the stroke.

Handles of the nippers should pinch easily, without effort. The stroke smoothness depends on the hinge, surface polishing, and location of the rivet. The instruments of EXPERT and EXCLUSIVE series feature inverted rivets (located on the side of the cutting part), which facilitates easy maintenance of the tool. SMART series instruments have standard hinge arrangement.

Play in the nippers is unacceptable.

It should be also pointed out that the rivets in STALEKS PRO instruments are not thermally hardened. This ensures more efficient servicing because the rivet does not crack after maintenance.

6.     Spring element.

There are several types of springs:

  • Double leaf springs allow to adjust the stroke step.
  • Coil can be easily replaced or removed for cleaning (e.g. SMART or EXPERT series nippers).

Both types of spring mechanisms are durable and guarantee smooth stroke, so the choice of this element depends on the individual preferences of the master.

7.     The looks.

The appearance of the instruments, of course, does not affect its technical characteristics, but it is of great importance for the nail master. Instrument quality is the cornerstone of our ideology, but product design is also of utmost importance for STALEKS PRO. The professional range offers a great selection of skin nippers for every taste: patterned, glossy, and with satin finish. You just have to make your choice!



Nail nippers: features

Nail nippers are used for correction of nail plate length and shape. They are made of the same steel as the skin nippers, but the design is slightly different.

The nail plate is significantly harder and thicker in comparison to the cuticle, so nail nippers have burlier handles and blades. These differences do not affect the convenience of operation. Due to such design manicurists do not have to apply extra force while correcting the length of the nail plate.

The blades of the nail nippers are thick and can be of different shapes:

  • Curved (“sail” or “half-sail”), mimicking the nail shape.
  • Straight.

Important features of nail clippers are:

1.     Size.

Large size nippers (e.g. 18 mm EXPERT 62 model) are designed to cut through dense and rough nails. For treatment of thinner and softer nails use nippers with shorter blades, like 12 mm EXPERT 62 model.

2.     Convenience and smooth stroke.

Ergonomics of the tool is of great importance for proper operation. Undulated handles of the STALEKS PRO nippers guarantee comfortable grip and reduce the fatigue in the user’s hands.

Stroke smoothness also affects the comfort of operation. Inverted hinges of the EXPERT series nail nippers and double leaf spring elements facilitate easy pinching.

3.     Manual sharpening.

To achieve excellent nail cutting results and prevent nail plate splitting the cutting edges must be sharp and have to pinch tightly.

4.     The looks.

And, of course, the appearance of the product is important. Despite their solid design, professional EXPERT series nail nippers encompass fine lines and attractive, perfectly polished surface.



Nippers for ingrown nails

Ingrown nails are a serious problem requiring special tools to deal with it. STALEKS PRO designed nippers with narrow, straight planes and thin tips that allow treating nails in hard-to-reach areas.

Professional nippers for ingrown nails are made of medical grade AISI 420 steel. Apart from the cutting part design, they are identical to EXPERT series nail nippers.



Distinctions between the nail and skin nippers

As a summary, we can outline the following distinctions between nail and skin nippers:

  • Thickness and size of the cutting edges (nail nippers have more solid and longer cutting edges).
  • More solid design and burly appearance.
  • Spring element. Skin nippers by STALEKS PRO feature two types of spring, whereas nail nippers have only double leaf springs due to higher operational loads these instruments usually face.

Each type of work requires a suitable tool, otherwise the service life of instruments is significantly reduced.

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