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Who gives manicure to world stars? [Part 1]

A list of nail stylists and their clients-celebrity

On red carpets, social events, concerts, and performances, in personal blogs and stories – the manicure from the stars will not go unnoticed anywhere. But usually, they talk about a star manicure only in the context of the celebrity itself. But what about those who create this beauty? After all, thanks to the nail stylists, a neat manicure is done, which has every chance of getting into trends.

In this article, we will learn more about those who remain in the shadow of their star clients. It’s your time to shine!


Who should be a stars` nail stylist?

And to begin with, we will briefly describe the task that star nail stylists must face.

  • These are qualified specialists who continuously improve their skill level;
  • They follow the trends and can offer their celebrity client something truly exclusive that no one else has. 
  • The main task is to make you pay attention to the manicure and to surprise the critics pleasantly.

Such nail stylists create trends themselves. The complexity of a star manicure is that the design should highlight the jewelry favorably, not argue with the outfit, and match the style, length, and the shape of the hands. It is also essential to consider the context of the event for which the manicure is being prepared, the peculiarities of the star’s creativity, and their style preferences.

Besides, the finished result is not so much important as the atmosphere of a relaxing procedure, relaxation. Self-care procedures have become better, more conscious. Stars are people too, and sometimes they want to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, questions and close attention, and relax and have fun.

In this article, we will tell you about those who do the nails of Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and other famous stars. It is just a part of the star manicures – very soon, we will release the second part of the collection.


Tom Bachik

Celebrity clients: Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Lana Condor, Hayley Steinfeld, the Kardashians

In his youth, Tom never thought that he would connect his life with a manicure and would be so in demand among celebrities. The guy drove on a skateboard and lived for his pleasure until a child appeared in the family. Tom had to look for a permanent job, and he, being creative in life, decided to do nail design. First – training and practice, and then the young specialist is offered to sign a contract with Chanel and L’Oreal Paris! How can he refuse?

After participating in fashion shows, Tom Bachik has acquired connections in the circle of show business and socialites. The first celebrity clients appeared: Bachik’s work could be seen on the nails of celebrities on the red carpet. The brightest manicure from Tom Bachik – for Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the Super Bowl.

In design, Bachik focuses on his famous clients’ style, but he also does not mind focusing on trends – adding neon, pouring glitter, and sticking rhinestones.

Popularity and famous clients it’s incredible, Tom admits, but he still considers being cool in the eyes of his children most important. They often exclaim with pride, “Wow! We saw dad on the Kardashian Family show! “

Tammy Taylor

Celebrity clients: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s extremely long nails have already entered our local top, but it’s hard not to admit: these nails have conquered the whole world. Yes, it may not always be convenient, but how impressive!

Tammy Taylor is engaged in the creation of such a bright beauty. At the Oscar 2020 ceremony, she made a bold decision: extra-long black and square nails, decorated with rhinestones. Billy was delighted: she willingly showed her hands with a manicure in front of the cameras.

Tammy Taylor has been working for beautiful nails for more than a decade. In 1983, she founded Tammy Taylor Nails, which produces nail polish, glitter, rhinestones, and false nails.

It’s no secret that Tammy is a fan of the long square-shaped nails. She wears them herself and makes such one to her clients.

Gina Oh

Celebrity clients: Cynthia Erivo, Janelle Monet, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams

Nail stylist Gina Oh is from Japan. In her interview with Billboard, she shared that she has been in the world of the beauty industry for a long time: first, nail technician received a cosmetologist’s diploma, and then she came to nail service.

Gina has always liked experimenting with shades: she loves multi-colored and holographic nails, abstraction, designs with small splashes of varnish. This approach seems to be to the liking of Nicki Minaj – this star is a regular client of Gina.

Also, they started talking about Gene Oh after the Oscar 2020 ceremony. Along with Billie Eilish, one of the discussed nominees was Cynthia Erivo. The fingers of the star’s fingers were decorated not only with diamonds but also with a miniature painting by Van Gogh. Jewelry favorably emphasized the manicure, but the main thing is the concept: the manicure became a reference to the “Harriet” for the role in which the star was nominated for an award.

Jenny Bui

Celebrity clients: Cardi B

Jenny Bui is the nail stylist behind Cardi B’s long nails and the acclaimed “queen of chic” in the beauty industry. Jennie has created her brand and style with breathtaking sparkle and Swarovski crystals. Gems adorned the stiletto nails of her glamorous clients and became part of her salon’s interior in the Bronx. Now her salon looks more like a royal room – Chanel chandeliers, a pedicure chair in the form of a throne – but Jenny herself clearly remembers what was before all this chic and wealth.

Jenny Bui grew up during the Cambodian War. At that time, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge movement came to power. After several years of starving and working hard under the new regime, Jenny’s family fled Cambodia. At 22, the girl got married and moved to the New York Bronx. There, Bui opened her first salon, where the little-known Cardi B once came. Seeing the manicure, the young singer jumped with delight – since then Jenny and Cardi B have been inseparable.

Even for the most mundane events, B chooses her favorite salon – what can we say about the Grammy or the engagement announcement?

“My nails last for almost a month. I am a perfectionist – all my crystals are of the highest quality, from Dreamtime Creations, and last year I started releasing my Jenny’s Secret gel polishes”, – says Bui.

Mei Kawajiri

Celebrity clients: Dua Lipa, Blake Lively, Bella Hadid, and Lily-Rose Depp.

Mei Kawajiri’s popularity began in 2017 when, as part of New York Fashion Week, she proposed a manicure design with the Kering logo. This company owns the brands Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and others. At first, May chose men as models for her nail art, but later won the hearts of glamorous ladies with her unusual approach to nail art.

Celebrities come to Mei Kawajiri for exclusivity. Her works have everything: luxurious stones, inscriptions, intricate ornaments, and even cartoon characters. Mei is not afraid to experiment, and on her Instagram profile, you can find nude designs, glitters, and crazy designs on nails of any length.

She is also loved for her viral projects. One of these is multi-colored nails pierced with rings with several rows of artificial tips.

It was the first selection of celebrities` nail stylists – stay with us and we’ll reveal other names and show their work!

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