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How to care for STALEKS PRO nail file bases and pododiscs?

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

Every year, more and more nail stylists are stopping using reusable tools and buying disposable abrasives. It includes nail files and podology discs, something without which no neat manicure and pedicure are possible. As a brand, we will not tire of talking about responsibility to the client: it is essential that all instruments are properly sterilized and meet security criteria. Files and pododiscs with disposable removable files are an indicator of your professionalism and a guarantee of a hygienic procedure.

And many nail technicians have a question – how to care for your favorite instrument properly? How to disinfect and sterilize the basics and pododiscs? What should NOT be done for the tool to last as long as possible?

Our experts will tell you about everything in this article.


Plastic and metal base for  nail files

About the metal bases – our bestseller – we already talked about on our blog. In short: this is a stainless steel base on which you can stick any abrasive file. Thanks to the notch, the abrasive can be quickly removed from the base. STALEKS PRO metal bases are presented in 4 types: straight, narrow, half-moon, and short (buff).

How to care for such a base? Let’s talk in stages:

  1. You finished the work with a nail file. Remove the abrasive tape, throw it away, and prepare the metal base for heat processing.
    Processing steps: disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning (rinsing and drying), sterilization in a dry heat sterilizer or an autoclave, storage.
  2. Disinfection – the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Use special disinfectants for disinfection – ideally, if you find a corrosion inhibitor in the composition.
  3. Rinse. After processing in a disinfectant, wash the instrument under running water for at least a minute. This stage is necessary so that no means remain on the surface of the tool – it can ruin the metal.
  4. Drying. Dry the base thoroughly before sterilization (this will take 20-30 minutes).
  5. Sterilization is the complete destruction of all microorganisms without exception. The features of this process can be read in detail here. In general, sterilizing metal bases is no different from sterilizing any other beauty steel tool. There is a QR code on the packaging of each instrument. Scanning it, you will be taken to a page with recommendations for sterilization.
  6. Pack the tool in a craft bag and process it in dry heat sterilizer or autoclave.
  7. Storage. Store sterile instruments in sealed bags until next use. UV storage is recommended.

Not so long ago, we had produced an alternative to metal files – acrylic bases. These are the same bases but made of high-strength plastic. This nail file base is lighter in weight but has its characteristics in the care.

Acrylic bases are contraindicated in sterilization in dry heat since their melting point is 160 degrees. The acrylic base can be disinfected by special means, as well as cold sterilization in special products.

To use a metal or acrylic base, unzip the kraft bag when the client sees and stick a disposable file of the necessary grit.

ATTENTION! Before attaching a disposable file, DO NOT PROCESS the surface of the base with any means. The composition of the mean may affect the degree of file fixation – the abrasive may not hold so tight.


Podology discs

PODODISC is a metal nozzle for a nail drill machine for processing foot from corns and calluses. This tool is made using patented STALEKS technology. The unique design with holes (“drops”) reduces the weight of the podology disc so that it does not break the handle of the device, and also removes heat and reduces the heating of the foot during the procedure.


All podology discs can be disinfected with special means, sterilized in a dry heat sterilizer, and an autoclave. The process of heat treatment of a pododisc is no different from the processing of metal bases. It is divided into stages:

  1. Disinfection;
  2. Pre-sterilization cleaning (rinsing and drying);
  3. Sterilization in a dry heat sterilizer or autoclave;
  4. Kraft packaging and processing in a sterilizer;
  5. UV storage

Separately, we will discuss how to use a sterile pododisc:

  1. Select the file of the necessary abrasiveness;
  2. Take the pododisc out the craft package when the client see it;
  3. Separate the protective liner, holding the disposable file beyond the edges;
  4. Gently fix the disposable file on the disc and press it with your finger for a better grip.

When sticking the abrasive, it is better NOT to touch it with your finger to check for stickiness and DO NOT process the surface of the podology disc with ANYTHING.

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