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How to make a pedicure procedure safe?

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Pedicure is one of the pleasant relaxation spa rituals for the client. But a technician’s careless attitude and improper disinfection of tools can do more harm than good.

Infections that can be received in salons can easily be treated (for example, staphylococcus or streptococcus), and can cause serious harm to health (fungus).

To prevent clients from having too many reasons for concern, it is enough to follow all the rules of hygiene in the workplace.  Clients have the right to ask the technician how he sterilizes the equipment and disinfects the work surface and ask to open the kraft package with sterile tools in their presence.



What do visitors pay attention to?

Manicure and pedicure technician is always important to abide by the following aspects of work:

  1. Regularly carry out a visual purity check. The salon should look perfect. On the surface of the countertops should not be dirt and stains. It is also necessary to constantly update the magazines on the tables, because if their pages are scrolled many times, this also leads to the spread of microbes.
  2. Watch your appearance. Clothing must be neat and clean. If you wear a stained uniform or apron, it will give your customers the impression that professional cleanliness in your salon is not a priority.
  3. There should be reminders that remind you of the safety rules during the procedures..
  4. Used disposable materials must be discarded after each customer. To ensure the hygiene of the pedicure procedure, it is worthwhile to use replaceable abrasives for nail and foot files.
  5. For tools sterilization you must use an autoclave. This device is guaranteed to destroy any threat and will be much more effective than a disinfectant that is not able to get rid of all bacterial spores.

Pedicure: how to make the procedure safe

STALEKS PRO offers to follow a few essential steps to make the pedicure procedure as safe as possible.

First of all, you should not do a pedicure, if the customer has an open wound. Wounds, rashes on the toes and feet can increase the risk of getting an infection. If the skin is damaged in any way, it becomes an open entrance for infection.

What is needed to prevent the spread of fungal and bacterial diseases from one client to another? First of all, familiarize yourself with the rules of tools sterilization, know all the features of disinfection of the working surface and skin. There are certain standards that need to be studied and followed in the work. Many beauty salons require that the nail technician take courses in sanitizing to extend the work license.

Tools disinfection

Sterilization completely destroys harmful microorganisms, viruses, fungi, spores. The sterilization process involves the use of ultraviolet rays, dry heat, or an autoclave. Foot spa equipment must also be disinfected.

For all reusable appliances and containers used in the pedicure service, disinfection is necessary. This chemical process is effective in the destruction of harmful microorganisms. The ideal method is cleaning with a disinfectant.

Professional tools for work

Specialists in the nail service are responsible for their personal safety and the safety of the client.

The use of a professional tool is an essential point in achieving the desired result. Nail and foot files with replaceable abrasives allow you to use a fully hygienic tool every time. Clients will think that you are doing a pedicure with a new tool, but we know the secret! The replaceable abrasive is easily sticked to the metal base, and then, thanks to a convenient notch, it is removed without glue residue. The abrasive does not soak in water; the base does not rust and does not lose its aesthetic appeal.

STALEKS PRO tools are made from high quality medical steel.  They are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, high temperature, and disinfection solutions.



High qualification and responsibility of the nail technician, the presence of professional tools from quality material, multiple sterilization, and disinfection – all of this plays an essential role in maintaining hygiene and safety.

The health of the nail technician and the client is an aspect of the work that should not be ignored in any way.


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