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How to do marble nail art?

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Natural perfection of stones inspired professional manicure designers and all fans of nail art to create unusual images.  The highlight of the summer of 2019 became a marble nail art. It looks interesting, original, suitable for any event, can be performed in different ways and different colors.

Marble nail art is an unusual solution to the combination of free designs of arbitrary shape and color on the nail plate. STALEKS will reveal the features of this design.

What attract in marble pattern?

Nail technicians at the request and choice of the client always choose the right design with the effect of marble. The texture of natural stone attracts many stylish girls. What are the features of this manicure:

  • it imitates the beauty of natural stone;
  • the technique allows you to create a unique pattern;
  • it is possible to use several color combinations in the drawing;
  • many ways to perform;
  • showiness and unusualness;
  • simple execution technique, permissible even at home at the client.

Marble drawing techniques

The stone coating can be done in different ways, any of which allows you to apply special abstract drawings and create a unique design for each client. Marble pattern can be created using:

  • gel polish (hardware technology);
  • special varnish coating with a marble effect;
  • aqueous  technique;
  • using food wrap, oilcloth, sponge;
  • acrylic-based paints.

How to choose the right color to create the image of stones

The name of the process itself emphasizes that the main task of the nail technician is to convey the real image of the natural stone. It may not necessarily be marble. You can imitate any other gem or semiprecious stone like opal, turquoise, malachite, and lapis lazuli.

Whatever jewel the client chooses, each nail can get the look of a unique and catchy gem. For the result to please the client, it is necessary to rely on the following points when choosing a gamut:

  • Choose current fashionable shades: blue, gray, malachite, white, gold, classic combination of white, black, gamut of gray;
  • Do not mix more than 4 shades;
  • It is preferable to choose varnish fluids with a different texture: matte, pearlescent, rainbow, metallic, etc .;
  • You can enhance the extravagance, mixing bright and rich colors. If obliges an image or a certain celebration, you can combine soft and pastel colors.

What should the nail technician take into account when working with marble technique?

A stone manicure can be performed on any length of nails. In trend 2019, the pointed (almond-shaped) form is in trend. It is possible on long nails and short ones. Thanks to her, the nail plate looks not only elongated, even on the nails of a small length, but also elegantly.

How neatly and harmoniously your fingers will look with a marble design depends mainly on the professional skills of the nail technician. Another half of the success depends on the high-quality and durable tool.

The final result and client’s satisfaction depend on how well the tool is sharpened and how convenient it lies in the hand of a manicurist. The brand of professional beauty tools STALEKS PRO is a line of quality products for beginners and experienced manicurists. Thanks to the wide range and recommendations for choosing an instrument, you are guaranteed to choose for yourself the perfect “assistant”!

Interesting possibilities of recreating marble on nails

Any version of applying a texture for the image of a real stone profile is different in the complexity of the procedure. The technique of creating a picture gives completely different results. Consider the main stages of technology.

Marble nail art with gel polish

Using gel-polish mechanics allows you to create masterpieces of stone images. Gel polish does not dry as easily as traditional polish. Mixing shades, you can get the original ornament.  The nail technician makes drawing with a thin brush or wand.


  1. We make a hygienic manicure: process the nail plate, form the contour, remove the cuticle;
  2. Apply a thin layer of the base necessary to strengthen the nail, dry in the lamp;
  3. We fix on top with the primary color, again dry for 1-2 minutes;
  4. Preparing cleanser – liquid to clean the brush;
  5. On the foil or in a special container drip a few drops of colored varnishes selected for mixing;
  6. Dip the brush in one drop and apply curved lines, producing an imitation of a stone pattern;
  7. Also with the following shades, each time washing out the brush and again applying color along the lines, giving them a blur effect;
  8. Dry the drawing carefully and cover it with a gel top;
  9. Dry the finished coating.

Another technique of applying a pattern on a wet gel polish is possible. The actions will be as follows:

  1. Processing nails and skin around using tools from STALEKS PRO (scissors or nippers, pusher, file with a disposable abrasive);
  2. Apply the base – dry then the primary color and again dry;
  3. Apply the next layer of the same color;
  4. We apply varnish of a different shade with a stick, better than the same color scale, and draw dashes along the wet base;
  5. We mix linearity, blur the bordering colors;
  6. Dry in the lamp;
  7. Cover the finish fixer.

Manicure via food wrap

When the client wants the design to be made with ordinary varnish, it is possible to use food wrap as an option. The technology of applying this method consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparatory period – the piece of food wrap is divided into strips and wrinkled;
  2. We shape the nails, remove the extra cuticle, apply a nourishing cream around the nail plate to protect and remove excess varnish;
  3. Apply to the nail base, let it dry;
  4. Apply the selected base substrate, the varnish is applied in several layers so that the surface is flat, waiting for drying;
  5. On a foil or in another form drip a few drops of varnish for mixing;
  6. The strip of wrinkled food wrap is dipped into drops and left a mark on the foil to remove excess varnish;
  7. The imprint is transferred to the nail, let it dry;
  8. Apply transparent polish fixer.

Possible options in the use of means turned out to be at hand  (sponge, thick oilcloth instead of food wrap). In the first case, the droplets on the nail fall with the help of a sponge, in the second variant, we drop other drops on the prepared color base and cover the nail with a dense oilcloth. The polish spreads unevenly, creating the desired picture.

Marble Water Nail Art

In addition to the polish, it is necessary to prepare a small vessel in the form of a bowl with heated water and cream to soften and protect the skin. The main essential points in this technique:

  1. First, as always, we do a hygienic manicure;
  2. The surface around the nail is carefully treated with cream (it will help remove excess paint). The cream mustn’t get on the nail itself;
  3. Enter a few drops of colored polishes into the bowl with the liquid substance and make stains;
  4. Immerse your hands in water so that the picture fell on the nails. We take out the hands, excess paint and the remnants of the cream remove with a special cloth or cotton pads;
  5. Apply top coat, let it dry.

Marble nail art will always be relevant, because it is unusual, unique in its drawings, and always will look perfect on the nails of any length. Experiment and trust professional tools STALEKS PRO – we will create beauty together!

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