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How to make a beautiful manicure for short nails?

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Beautiful manicure and well-groomed hands – is your “calling card.” And for this, it is not necessary to have long nails. Customers complain that the stiletto form is very impractical. Short nails are again in fashion, and, knowing the secrets of hygienic manicure, you can make beauty even with such length. STALEKS PRO will share life hacks with you!  Short nails with beautiful design can make the hands no less well-groomed and flawless. The only condition is accuracy! The ideal work with the cuticle, the correct cut, the proper selection of the form – these things should be paid attention by the professional.

Manicure types for short nails

Experts distinguish several types of hygienic manicure. The choice will depend on how occurs cuticle processing. Consider each type:

  • Classic Manicure. The cuticle is first softened in a special solution or water, after which the excess skin is removed with scissors and nippers.
  • European (unedged) manicure. The cuticle is not cut, but is safely removed by an orange stick. At the same time, it is still necessary to soften the skin of the hands in a solution or warm water.
  • Hardware manicure allows using special nozzles on the device to bring nails in order.
  • Combined manicure combines several technologies: hardware processing, elements of edged manicure and spa hand care.

Fashion is changing. Each season there are new trends in the colors and shape of nails. But in any case, for any trend it is important for the master to abide by accuracy. In this experienced or novice master will help professional tools from STALEKS PRO. The catalog contains all the necessary tools for nail care: tools made of stainless steel, materials for comfortable work (armrests, trays and cases for tool storage), abrasive files and metal bases for nail and foot files. And if you are doing a manicure at home, you will definitely like the STALEKS home use tool.  Here you can find scissors, clippers, nail files, pushers, and even manicure sets – all for your perfect manicure.

The main rules of flawless manicure

To create a fashionable and beautiful manicure on short nails, you should consider these points:

  • The cuticle needs to be removed in time, do not allow it to grow. It will help give the nails an elongated look and grooming;
  • Short length nails should be permanently filed, keeping the shape and eliminating defects;
  • For short nails are essential to choosing the right shape. For some people will go square form, but now in trend oval, which can visually increase the length of the nail plate;
  • The main thing with short nails – do not cut them entirely under the root.  It is unpleasant to the client and not very aesthetically pleasing.

The advantages of Staleks Pro tools

STALEKS is known for its high-quality tools made from steel and sharpened manually. It makes them durable, resistant to heat and steam when sterilized, perfectly sharp. The main advantages of such tools:

  • durability and strength;
  • not oxidized during disinfection, subjected to treatment in a dry heat oven;
  • all tools are certified;
  • reasonable price and excellent quality from a domestic producer.

It is a pleasure to work with STALEKS PRO tools for a manicure professional and novice master. A tool for home use STALEKS will be a faithful assistant for a neat manicure at home!

Short Nail Design Basics

The aesthetics of the manicure depends on the correctly chosen coating or decor. Nail art, perfectly emphasizing medium and long nails, can not always look beautiful on short nails. Therefore, working with such a length should observe some design rules. If the nail plate is wide, then it is better to apply polish not over the entire surface, but only in the center, visually making the nail longer. You can use vertical drawings, stripes.

  • On short nails, the volumetric design does not always look good – modeling, stones. Also, large unacceptable elements of decor.
  • On nails of small length, it is better not to apply more than three shades (the exception may be the ombre technique).
  • A French manicure always looks advantageous on short nails.

Manicure trends of this summer

The task of a true professional is to select and advise the client of the shape, length of the nail, the color of the coating that would best suit the particular person. The ideal shape can be determined by the length of the fingers and hand. The summer trend of this season is naturalness: natural nails, pastel colors, neat manicure on short nails. In the past are long nails with sculpting, eye-catching floral prints.

This summer, fashionable women prefer peach, flesh-colored, mother-of-pearl shades. For lovers of bright colors, ultramarine blue, lilac or different coral shades are preferable. Also, a recent and relevant highlight will be the geometry on the nails. And most importantly – naturalness! Among the beauty-trends – the natural shape of the nail plate and the most convenient length. So, interesting design directions for short nails:

  • transparent and translucent nails;
  • minimalism: a neutral-colored polish with transparent crescents near the cuticle, or a brilliant transparent manicure with a simple pattern on one or several fingers;
  • metallic and glitter (glitter);
  • Multiple color combination designs (pink and peach), with gradient transitions or edging.

What are the advantages of short nails?

Well-groomed nails are always in fashion. Besides, the short length of the nail has several advantages:

  • unlike long ones, such nails are healthier, because the nail plate is renewed continuously, there is no delamination along the edges;
  • short length is practical, convenient for work, less damage to the nail plate;
  • always suitable for any situation, appropriate for social events, outdoor recreation, at work;

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