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How to do a pedicure?

The rules of  hygienic pedicure from STALEKS PRO

It is essential to take care of the observance of all the rules of a hygienic pedicure so that the feet look not only well-groomed, but also are healthy. But first, what kind of pedicure is this? What are the features of the procedure, and how can a novice manicurist carry it out correctly? STALEKS PRO likes interesting topics, so will give you the answer! What you should know in the first place: there is a pedicure hygienic and medical. Hygienic pedicure is aimed at maintaining the beauty of the feet and nails.It is a care for the skin of the legs, softening of the calluses and its removal, removing of the cuticle and correcting the length of the nails, applying a polish coating. A medical pedicure is a procedure similar to a small operation when, with the help of a particular tool, the ingrown nail is removed, and the nail technician acts as a chiropodist. We will definitely tell you about the medical pedicure and its features separately.

Why do you need a hygienic pedicure?

Corns often appear on the heels, but you can get rid of them with the help of professional tools. Hygienic pedicure improves the appearance of the feet and improves skin tone, and also eliminates the discomfort. The procedure necessarily includes the treatment of the skin of the feet, nail plates, interdigital folds. Pedicure is recommended once a month to increase its effectiveness. Equally important is the safety in the nail industry. All tools must be in strict order sterilized and disinfected.

The steps of the hygienic pedicure procedure:

  • Foot bath with antiseptic. At the first stage, disinfection and preparation of the skin of the feet are carried out for subsequent manipulations.
  • After the bath, the nail technician proceeds to the removal of rough skin and cuticle. The cuticle is treated with an appropriate softening solution. The nail technician removes it with special scissors for the cuticle or skin nippers.
  • Using nail nippers and nail files, correct the length of the nails.
  • Foot treatment is most often carried out using a special apparatus. Next, the skin is polished using the foot file for a pedicure, smooth out all the bumps and rough spots, cracks are processed.
  • Then you can proceed directly to the design of the nails: select the color of polish and pattern.
  • In conclusion, antifungal agents and cream are applied to the feet to heal the cracks and soften the skin.

Beautiful result is nail design

You have completed the required pedicure steps: you have treated the skin of the feet, put your nails in order and corrected its length. Now the creativity begins! Of course, the choice of the color of polish or pattern is an individual matter. Clients usually rely on their taste and wishes, but what if a person is confused or unable to decide? Here on you, as a professional, all hope. You are aware of all the fashion trends and interesting ideas, aren’t you? Offer your client several options of popular nail art, she/he will be delighted! Another important point is the choice of varnish color on the character of a human. Fortunately, you have already met and talked with your client during a pedicure.  Connect your “inner psychologist”, advice a design that emphasizes the dominant character traits: red is for elegant persons, black is for natural leaders, white is for open truth lovers, blue is for responsible people or warm colors for cheerful optimistic. Your client will enjoy such an attentive approach!

What else will customers pay attention to?

Many clients perceive the pedicure procedure as a kind of ritual. A pleasant atmosphere, unobtrusive communication, a pleasant foot massage and a beautiful result – all this attracts and relaxes. Excellent service, high-quality work, and an individual approach are those essential aspects that will help the nail technician to attract new customers and not lose regular ones.


But that’s not all! Catch the secrets that will help you as a nail technician to make a good impression:

  • Regularly to clean the workplace. The salon should look perfect. On the surface of the table should not be dirt, stains, and even the smallest dust particles. Put interesting magazines on the tables in front of the client – he/she will be able to read them during a pedicure procedure.
  • Your appearance. Clothing must be neat and clean. If you wear stained uniforms or an apron, this will give your customers the impression that professional cleanliness is not a priority.
  • The communication with the client should be unobtrusive, easy. Avoid stressful and sensitive topics, let your salon and you for a client associated with a pleasant conversation and understanding.
  • There must be reminders in the salon that remind you of the safety regulations regarding salon procedures.
  • The used disposable materials should be eliminated after each client. To ensure the hygiene of the pedicure procedure, it is worth using removable abrasives on nail and foot files for a pedicure.
  • Follow the rules of the tools sterilization . Special devices are guaranteed to destroy any threat and will be much more useful than a simple disinfectant.



That was the hygienic pedicure excursion!We will also prepare for you a material about medical pedicure, to which the conduct and should be approached with great responsibility.  Wait for updates from STALEKS PRO – we will tell you all the most topical!

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