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How to distinguish a professional STALEKS PRO manicure tool from a fake?

Product-manager of STALEKS. I'll tell you all about the technical features of the tool.

The beauty creation without a suitable tool is impossible. Therefore, even at the stage of training, it is explained to novice nail technicians the rules for choosing a starter set, the difference between the tools, the characteristics of each.

And, of course, the important question is how to distinguish an original from a fake? Unfortunately, there have always been and will be dishonest manufacturers on the market who copy an already created product. Such a tool will not be so cheap compared to the original, but the impression of work will spoil completely.

We don’t want you to buy a low-quality tool mistakenly. In this article, we will tell you the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a professional tool STALEKS PRO. It is these seemingly smallest details that are a guarantee of quality!

A few words about us and our production

Over the 23 years of its existence on the market, STALEKS has become a full cycle production factory from a small sharpening studio (where the creation of a tool begins with the preparation of a steel bar and ends with the packaging of the finished product).

  • First, there was a small studio where sharpening and polishing of manicure tools were carried out.

The range was limited to just one model of nippers, scissors, tweezers, and pushers.  At the start, our staff totaled only 20 people! The first blanks for the tool were made at the medical instrument factory.

  • Time passed – our capacities increased. This made it possible to expand the range and modernize existing models of the tool.

Own machine shop equipped with milling and turning machines (1999), as well as a small sewing shop, began to work, which gave impetus to the production of manicure sets. In 2006, new STALEKS tool models were developed in our design bureau. By 2012, an automatic molding machine and an Italian press were already installed. All equipment meets international standards.

  • In 2013, STALEKS opened a factory near Kharkiv. From that moment we have been working at our production facilities.

Our team has grown to 300 people. For the first time, STALEKS instruments were exported to Europe, where we also opened our warehouse of finished products. The product range has grown to 100 types!

And to this day, we follow trends in the beauty industry, communicate with experts and professionals to create a tool that meets all the current needs of nail stylists.

  • It is how ENG Professional Tools was created. Together with Natalya Golokh, for the first time, we adapted nippers and scissors for left-handed technicians and tried to work with titanium, a material new to us (for the first time a titanium manicure pusher appeared; before that, medical steel 20×13 was mainly used). 
  • We also presented a unique titanium pusher – the strongest and lightest of all tools, which has an incredible natural color due to the oxidation of titanium.
  • In collaboration with nail expert Snezhana Luneva, a tool with elegant engraving was created. It is the exclusive EXPERT 81 nippers, which not all nail stylists have!

Why is it important to give preference to the original instrument?

We say all this for a reason – during a high-quality tool creation, the leading role is played by features of production and cooperation with famous nail stylists. After all, it is the only way to create a tool that will be:

A) Reduce the load on the hand and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. A fake tool contributes to muscle tension so that it will be hard to work with. And this, believe me, in the future will have consequences: pain in the back, arms, decreased vision, migraines, and general chronic overwork;

B) Stay sharp and perfectly sharpened even with constant use;

C) Practical and aesthetic at the same time, despite regular sterilization and disinfection (a fake will soon lose a presentable appearance and functional properties).

By the way, in the STALEKS Shop & Service company store, you can not only choose a tool and consult with a consultant about a purchase but also carry out after-sales service (for example, sharpening, if necessary).

At a glance: what does the original STALEKS PRO tool look like?

The range of professional tools for manicure STALEKS PRO includes three lines: Smart, Exclusive, and Expert. They differ not only in purpose but also in appearance.

Smart tools are chosen by novice nail stylists who are trained continuously and put quality on top. The main feature of the line is the matte finish. The tool is pleasant to the touch, looks stylish and attractive.

Expert line tool is for nail stylists with experience. This tool is sharpened for current needs and anatomical features: for example, the curved handles of the nippers allow the instrument to fit more comfortably in the palm of your hand, due to which the pressing force changes so that it takes less effort of a nail stylist. This tool is not matte; it is carefully polished and has a glossy finish.

Exclusive tool is also glossy and polished. This is the most aesthetic and attractive tool; it is designed for nail stylists with extensive experience, for teachers and instructors. Such a tool is decorated with exclusive engraving in the form of elegant patterns, also it polished to the effect of a mirror (due to which it is resistant to corrosion). It is no accident that the Exclusive tool was loved by well-known nail expert Irina Klapsha.

Technical features: what to look for when buying?


Not a single set can do without this tool. Nippers for skin are used for both classic and combined manicures. Usually, the choice of this particular tool raises the most questions.

Particular attention should be paid to the head of the nippers:

  1. The cutting part should be smooth and symmetrical, without notches.
  2. There should not be any signs of mechanical processing on the hinge. The joint must be polished.
  3. In the Expert and Exclusive lines, the rivet must be turned upside down (exception – models 71, 72 in Expert).
  4. Pay attention to the size of the cutting edge! The last numbers in the vendor code of the nippers correspond to the size of the cutting edge.
  5. Nippers from STALEKS PRO have a soft and smooth stroke due to the hinge grinding and hinge connection.
  6. There are grooves inside the hinge. They are needed, so that dust and dirt do not accumulate in the hinge. There are no such grooves in fake tools. Poorly processed hinge surfaces will quickly run-out during work, and the tool itself will become loose.

Also, about the quality and originality of the instrument will tell its handles:

  1. There will be no sharp, unpolished edges on the handles of the original nippers.
  2. The logo on the handles is written in English. There should be a vendor code.
  3. Supports under the spring should fit snugly on the handles, do not loosen.
  4. There should not be a chip on the tool.
  5. There is no backlash. Two halves of nippers should not destabilize relative to each other.

In the packaging of the nippers, there should be a protective cap with a logo.


Scissors for cuticles are also used in classic and combi manicures.  Scissors are thinner and more elegant, they can cut unwanted skin more accurately than with nippers.

During the choose of original scissors, there are secrets:

  1. There should be no sand between the cutting parts.
  2. There should be a small backlash in the scissors (due to it, the friction of the blades will not be so strong, which means that the scissors will last longer).
  3. The scissor blades should not rub against each other with the whole working part.
  4. The logo on the handles is written in English. The series and model must be indicated.


It is convenient to push excess skin from the nail plate with a pusher. Without it, it is also difficult to imagine a basic set of nail stylist. Here is how the original cuticle pusher looks like; it is  with two working parts – a pusher and hatchet:

  1. The edges of the pusher are polished. The tool should not be sharp.
  2. The working parts of the pusher are turned in one direction.
  3. There should be a smooth transition from the handle to the working part of the tool.
  4. The notches on the handles should go in a circle.
  5. The logo is written in English. The series and model must be indicated.

This article is devoted to a manicure tool, but there are other goods in our range: for eyelash extension, eyebrow modeling, for a medical pedicure. In the following articles, we will consider these aspects in more detail, so that tool buying won’t become a disappointment for you, but opens up a fantastic world of opportunities and professional growth!After all, an instrument is the basis of everything. Stay with us☺

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