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Manicure is a bright element of the image, therefore, we think it through with great care. The choice of color, shape and length of nails, design, additional decorative elements – all this is a complex process, dictated not so much by fashionable trends (although many people rely on this aspect) as by the accompanying mood and even character traits.

Have you noticed that some people choose a certain color of lacquer? Or from year to year do not change one style? We decided to find out why, and whether a manicure can reflect the state of mind.


In psychology, it is widely believed that the appearance of a person reflects his internal state, attitudes and habits. To verify this point of view, psychologists analyzed how well the chosen color of nail polish and acceptable style of clothing correlate with character traits of a particular person.

The theoretical theory is Max Lüscher’s color theory. To this day, the choice of the color you like is a simple rapid test to identify the dominant features of a character.

Why did nails and the color of lacquer undergo a special psychological interest? According to Jung, this part of the body is connected not only with internal self-determination, but also with the interaction directed outward (external representation). In other words, through appearance we strive to express what is in our hearts. The interpretation of the meanings of different shades of lacquer describes a wide range of personality traits – positive and negative, existing and desired.


1. Red lacquer – for elegant and feminine:

Red manicure is a classic that has not lost its relevance for many decades. Girls who choose varnishes of similar shades (from bright red to deep cherry), as a rule, are pretty self-confident and elegant. They manage to combine chic and carelessness in style at the same time.

It would be a mistake to believe that women with red manicure are powerful, cruel and immoderate in their desires. Yes, they have bright energy and are able to enthrall with their charm, but they can make compromises and show weakness.

2. Black lacquer – for creative and leading:

Black nail polish is chosen not only by teenagers who are going through a difficult phase of emotional decline. This color is especially liked by creative people – if you paint your nails black or coal-gray, this means that you are open to inspiration and in any situation rely on your creativity.

Even if you do not consider yourself a particularly artistic person, but from time to time you choose black lacquer, do not be afraid to develop your creative abilities and devote more time to your beloved work. Black manicure reflects the nature of born leaders who succeed in everything, whatever they do.

3. White varnish – for honest and open:

People who choose white or pearlescent nail polish, tend to naturalness. They are open and honest, do not accept flattery and hypocrisy. Also, the choice of white lacquer is associated with such positive qualities of character as self-confidence, good nature, craving for justice, moderate indifference and calm.

4. Blue lacquer – for responsible and businesslike:

Fans of blue lacquer are optimistic about life, love to experiment. Manicure in shades of blue (from light blue to indigo) is preferred by people who have an analytical mindset and are used to being selective about their surroundings. Such people let into the social circle only decent ones, they do not tolerate idle talk and gossip.

Blue lacquer distinguishes business-like, purposeful and responsible people who adore order and observe discipline. Interestingly, such people are very successful – probably, perfectionism dictates certain requirements.

5. Pastel colors of varnishes – for calm and sweet:

Lucky barely visible flesh colors (pale pink, beige, milky) look appropriate in any situation. This feature reflects the character of the person who chooses this color – such people are calm, easy to communicate, like comfort and coziness. Soft and delicate colors betray the romantic nature: such people are in a constant state of being in love, idealize the object of attention, love to show charm.

6. Purple, lilac color – for thoughtful and purposeful:

Violet and lilac shades of nail polish are sweet to those who, from the outside, seem to be too soft and dreamy. In fact, such people are practical, have a developed intuition, a creative mindset, like loneliness, but are not averse to establishing serious relationships.

With all the external sentimentality, violet lovers are cold-blooded and farsighted, they know how to most effectively achieve the goal and come to success.

7. Sunny colors (yellow, orange) – for cheerful and optimistic:

It is not for nothing that warm shades are associated here with the sun – such colors are chosen by people radiating cheerfulness, good nature and optimism. Fans of yellow or orange nail polish are amorous, bold and light. At the same time, they are frightened by loneliness and lack of communication – without a host environment such people quickly fade and become sad.


The palette of colors and options for nail art is diverse. Manicure can be a reflection of your emotions and moods, to demonstrate the character. Applying varnish is an important step in creating your personal image, but do not forget about the preliminary preparation of nails. Only with the help of a professional tool the master will be able to achieve a neat manicure – without chipping, torn cuticle and insufficiently cut nails.

Manicure accuracy is not less important indicator, as color of a varnish or the choice of decorative elements. The STALEKS PRO brand offers a series of professional tools that will become real assistants for both the beginner and experienced craftsmen.

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