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Nail salons and masters who work at home do everything possible to provide comfort to the client. But the convenience of the master must not be sacrificed, too. Customers spend about two hours in the chair, and the salon employee has to spend all day seated. And if the workplace is not properly equipped, health problems will emerge sooner or later. Let’s figure out how to prevent such consequences.

Sedentary work is, first of all, a big load on the back. Osteochondrosis, stagnation of blood in the vertebral vessels, pain in the lower back, and in the future circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs – we have already written about many health problems faced by the master.

The first thing you can for prevention is to competently equip the workplace and buy professional instruments that will reduce the load on the hands. Let’s share some tips!

Comfort for the master means the quality for the customer

Quality and speed of work depend on the comfort of the workplace. You won’t argue that if the neck is numb or the lower back hurts, it is extremely difficult to focus on the flowers or kitties that the client wants on their nails. For such a responsible job you need to get comfortable.

The workstation consists of the following basic elements:

  • Table. Its size should provide the convenience for the master and the client so that you can freely place your hands on it, as well as the necessary manicure instruments and materials. The surface of the table should have high hygienic qualities and be easy to clean.
  • Master’s chair. Since this is a sedentary job, it is desirable to purchase a chair with an anatomic chairback. Don’t pinch pennies there, because it is not only about comfort, your health is at stake.
  • Client’s chair. It is necessary to select a model with a wide seat to make it comfortable for customers of any complexion. Also, the chair should be adjustable in height.
  • Cabinet with drawers for storing instruments and supplies.
  • Open shelf next to the desk. It usually used to exhibit your range of polishes.
  • The table for instrument sterilization. Normally a special manicure cart is used for that purpose. When customers see the instrument sterilization process, their confidence in the master increases.

The sancta sanctorum: manicure instruments

Another factor that affects the quality of manicure – it’s the hardware. Sharp nippersnail files with good abrasiveness, durable scissors, convenient spatulas – it is a pleasure to work with such tools, let alone all that time you can save thanks to them. If you intend to become a high-class master and want your customers to be booking your services a month in advance, do not skimp on the instruments. Proper products serve you for a long time and make your work easier.

Manicure instruments by STALEKS PRO: the time-proven benchmark quality. All products are made of durable medical grade steel in strict compliance with all standards. Another important advantage here is that all the instruments are ergonomic and fit in the hand comfortably, so the fatigue is reduced.

For example, cuticle nippers by STALEKS PRO have a smooth and easy stroke due to the perfect fit and polishing of the hinge surface. You don’t have to strain your hand much to remove excessive skin. And thanks to the impeccable sharpness of the blades and multi-level sharpening, the speed of the procedures increases drastically.

As you can see, for the success of the business just skills on their own are not enough. To make your customers happy and come back with their friends, it is also important to organize your workplace correctly. And for that purpose properly selected furniture and premium manicure instruments by STALEKS PRO help a lot!

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