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Exclusive tool by Snezhana Luneva

Elegance and Perfection

Product-manager of STALEKS. I'll tell you all about the technical features of the tool.

The Ukrainian manufacturer of professional beauty tools STALEKS PRO is teaming up with experts from the beauty industry to present you something unique!

Professionalism, substantial work experience, deep knowledge, and subtleties of work – all this we try to take into account during the design of the tool. Collaboration with Snezhana Luneva gave the world of manicure new nippers – an exclusive curved tool with the beautiful engraving.

Engraving nippers EXPERT 81

When a nail technician firstly picks up such an instrument, its unusual shape may seem strange. But after a short time, you quickly get used to the nippers. Nail technicians note comfort, lack of fatigue in hand at the end of the day.

Convenience, reduction of fatigue, and the increase in productivity are the main tasks of ergonomic handles.

For more than a year, STALEKS specialists have been designing new nippers model 80, improving the design and production technology.

The painstaking work helped to create a professional tool with such important features:

  • Elongated, narrowed working part (“head”);
  • Straight cutting edges with the right slope;
  • Tight closing of cutting parts;
  • The sharpness of the blades (due to multi-level manual sharpening);
  • Ideal fit and grinding of the hinge;
  • Additional resistance to corrosion (due to the use of high-quality medical steel 40X13 and professional polishing).

Collaboration with Snezhana Luneva

STALEKS sent EXPERT 81 nippers to Snezhana Luneva for review. This tool made a good impression on her, so we decided to develop a batch of nippers with an exclusive design from Luneva.

Snezhana is the founder of two manicure studios in different cities, two schools and three multi-brand stores. The main areas of study are manicure and extension courses, which Snezhana has been continuously teaching since 2012.

A limited edition of this tool is now available for sale. Having tried such nippers at work, the nail technician will never return to the previous tool, because the advantages are immediately noticeable.

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