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The history of STALEKS

How did the sharpening studio turn into a major brand of beauty tools?

STALEKS is the largest company in Ukraine that produces stainless steel beauty tool. STALEKS products are used by both professionals (technicians of the beauty industry) and ordinary people who are used to taking care of themselves at home. For convenience, the company in 2017 began to produce the tool under two brands: STALEKS PRO – a professional tool for beauty stylists, and STALEKS – for home use.


Student dream and sharpening on the balcony

Just as an ideal tool comes from an unmanufactured steel bar, so does a large-scale company grow out of a tiny sharpening studio. Any business requires time and patience.

The birthplace of the future company is called Kharkiv. It was here where student Alexey Kolodyazhny took the first steps in mastering a new craft – tools sharpening.  Then nobody thought about big business, Alexey began to sharpen tools as a part-time job to earn extra money during his dashing student years. Then there were not many nail technicians, the tool was not of impeccable quality and sharpness, and the beauty industry came to Ukraine late. Still, even then, the feeling had not failed the student. A new manufacturer should appear in this area.

The idea of Alexey was supported by his best school friend – Stanislav Yevtushenko. Together, the guys learned all the features of the instrument sharpening. First, they did it at home on the balcony, equipped with a mini-workshop there. More and more nail technicians learned about their skills, they needed to practice using a sharp instrument, but sharpening was not available everywhere.

STALEKS from the word “steel”

Alexey decided to take a chance, and in 1996 opened his first sharpening studio. In addition to sharpening, grinding, and polishing of manicure tools, the studio began to produce its tools. Then the range was presented with just one model of nippers, scissors, tweezers, and manicure pusher. All you need to get started

But what kind of business can be untitled? Since the first tool was made of steel, the company was named after the material – Staleks!

Since then, other tools have also appeared in the range (nail files, pedicure discs, foot files, disposable abrasives), but the company remains faithful to the selected vector and focuses on steel production. In total, the company produces 400 types of tools. Steel products include nippers, scissors, tweezers for eyebrows and eyelash extensions, manicure pushers with different working parts, drill bits, and much more.

The conquest of the beauty world

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because before all this variety of range we have been separated by more than 20 years! 

In the late 90s, the STALEKS ship confidently sailed in the ocean of the beauty industry, and people became interested in the high quality of the instrument outside of Ukraine. First, the company exported its tools to Russia, then to Belarus, a little later to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. For the first time in 2006, the company took part in the large-scale international exhibition InterCHARM in Moscow and Kiev, and then the company secured reliable partner support.

New decade – new revolutions in production. An injection molding machine appeared thanks to which it was possible to establish the release of plastic products.The development of our design bureau helped to expand the range. With the installation of the Italian press, the creation of its forge has begun. Since that time, the company did not need to contact intermediaries in the production of blanks for tools. Everything was produced by one company. And in 2013, STALEKS has its factory near Kharkiv, which opened the way to Europe.

The first deliveries to Poland, Belgium, Latvia, and Lithuania began. In 2015, the first European STALEKS office in Vilnius appeared. The tool can be ordered from Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Romania, Italy, and several other countries. In 2016, the range totaled 160 types of tools; export to the USA has begun.

What is about now?

STALEKS has been on the market for 24 years, and during this time, the company from a little sharpening studio has become a full-cycle production plant.

Now the company produces a tool under two brands – STALEKS and STALEKS PRO so that it is easier for customers to navigate in our big range. A first brand is a tool for home use; the second is for technicians who work with clients and need a durable and practical tool.

Today it is a successful and growing company, a large and friendly team, recognition and popularity in more than 60 countries around the world. It is a wide range, many years of experience and cooperation with leading beauty stylists, and opinion leaders.

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