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Brand Manager STALEKS Lash & Brow.
I do everything to make the tweezers better every day. I’ll tell you about the types, shapes, sizes of the tool, features of the choice.

Few people know that the currently popular eyelash extension procedure has almost a century of history. It began with sticking to the natural eyelashes of the overhead elements – this method successfully got accustomed to acting, where it was important to constantly change the image.

Today, lesh-makers no longer use the materials and tools with which they extended their eyelashes in the 20s of the last century. They were replaced by neat artificial cilia, which are visually no different from natural, professional tweezers and a wide variety of techniques.

Let’s remember how the history of the birth of eyelash extension began – who the first masters were and what tools they used in their work.


Let’s start our journey through time with the Hollywood dressing room, where makeup artist Maximilian (Max) Factor worked. By the way, the world famous brand of cosmetics and skin care products is named after him. At the dawn of the last century, Max Factor collaborated with the cast of the musical “Chicago”. Thinking through the image of the charming coquette Roxy, the make-up artist suggested actress Phyllis Haley, who plays this role, adding more femininity by gluing artificial eyelashes and making, by the same, the look more expressive and inviting. Max Factor neatly glued a thin fringe of artificial cilia to the upper eyelid and achieved the desired result – the audience was delighted with Roxy’s enchanting eyes and women of the whole world wanted to make the same sensation. The makeup artist made a real revolution in the beauty industry.

Although artificial eyelashes and struck the minds of fashionistas, few at that time could afford to walk with them in everyday life. They looked spectacular on the screen or stage, but in everyday life they were not very practical and looked unnatural. At first, the fringe glued to the thread was used, then the eyelashes were fixed in the form of individual hairs, due to which they produced a natural effect.



In the 50s of the twentieth century, eyelash extension technology was improved – instead of uncomfortable fringe, makeup artists began to use small bunches of cilia. They stayed longer and looked more natural.

False eyelashes began to use film stars, celebrities and secular ladies. One of the bright stars of cinema, Sophia Loren, has made an indelible impression on fans with thick eyelashes. The actress turned to the procedure of building up for filming in the cinema drama “Chochara”, which was subsequently nominated for an Oscar. Even at the age of 80, Sophia Loren continued to increase her eyelashes – so much in spirit was this procedure.


At the beginning of the year 2000, the tendency to increase eyelashes came to Japan. The technique used by Japanese masters was different from that invented in Hollywood. The first makeup artist who tried to embody the idea of ​​artificial eyelashes was Shu Uemura. He proposed a technique that gave the effect of naturalness, which was not the Hollywood false eyelashes. For every natural eyelash, an artificial, similar in shape and curl was attached. It was possible to wear such eyelashes for up to 3 weeks, because they were attached not to the skin of the eyelid, but to the ciliary edge.

Actually, this Japanese technology, but in an improved form, is used by modern lash makers. It is difficult to distinguish artificial eyelashes from natural ones – the extension procedure quickly won the hearts of fashionistas as a quick way to achieve an expressive and bright look.

The first celebrity who has increased her eyelashes in this way was the extravagant Madonna. By the way, so far no celebrity has broken its record for the cost of artificial eyelashes. In the show Re-Invention, Madonna came with lashes decorated with diamonds – they were later sold for $ 10,000.



To date, the eyelash extension procedure is considered one of the most popular in beauty salons. Although it is believed that long, fluffy eyelashes and an expressive look are a purely feminine “trick”, men are also writing to lash-makers, wanting to improve their appearance and complement their image.

The modern procedure of building requires attentive approach and professionalism. Every stage is important:

  • Removal of cosmetics from natural eyelashes;
  • Degrease each cilia with a special solution;
  • Hold the artificial cilia or the formed beam with special tweezers;
  • Applying to the cilium or bundle of adhesive substance;
  • Spreading natural eyelashes with straight tweezers;
  • Pasting of artificial eyelashes to the basis natural.

The use of professional tools ensures the successful implementation of such jewelry work. Brand Staleks PRO cares about the convenience of the master and the comfort of his client – among the 19 models of tweezers for eyelashes, each lash maker will be able to choose the perfect option.

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