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Tool guide: EXCLUSIVE scissors from STALEKS PRO

Product manager of STALEKS. I know everything about the instrument, so tell and teach you how to use it. Heading "Tool Guide".

Hello everyone!

We continue our section “Tool Guide,” within which we do a review on a specific model from our range. We have already told you in detail about each line of nippers, and now it’s the turn of the scissors!

A week ago we talked about EXPERT cuticle scissors. And today is the time to talk about the professional EXCLUSIVE scissors from STALEKS PRO.


What unites all EXCLUSIVE scissors? 

The perfect balance between the thickness and sharpness of the blades, as well as the design features of EXCLUSIVE scissors, thought out to the smallest detail, make them an incredibly convenient and safe tool for working with cuticles.

All professional cuticle scissors combine stainless steel, thin narrowed blades, small backlash, and ease in maintenance.

  1. The use of high-quality steel grade 40×13 with a high chromium content and a unique hardening method ensure the strength of the tool. A high percentage of chromium gives corrosion resistance. For additional protection against corrosion, the entire instrument of the line is polished to a mirror effect using GOI paste. GOI paste is used for grinding and polishing steel alloys and gives a glossy finish to the tool.
    40% carbon content (responsible for the hardness of steel)
    13% of the content of the main alloying element – chromium (responsible for corrosion resistance)
  2. The main advantage of EXCLUSIVE scissors is thin, narrow blades that help to remove cuticles and coarsened skin qualitatively even in the most hard-to-reach places. It is achieved due to professional manual sharpening under the microscope.
  3. There is a slight backlash in the scissors. It reduces the friction of the blades of each other so that the tool retains the cutting properties.
  4. EXCLUSIVE cuticle scissors can be disinfected and sterilized according to the rules.


What are the differences between the scissors within the EXCLUSIVE line?

The bending of the blade, the length of the handle and the working blade, the shape of the handle, and engraving distinguish the EXCLUSIVE professional cuticle scissors.

  • Bend of the working part. The EXCLUSIVE line presented by a  scissors model with a classic blade bend (SX-10) and a hook-shaped bend (SX-11). The unique hook-shaped bend of the blades that perfectly follows the shape of the lunula, which makes the scissors incredibly convenient during the cuticle removal process.
Ножницы Exclusive SX-10
Ножницы Exclusive SX-11
EXCLUSIVE professional cuticle scissors SX-10 and SX-11
  • Dimensions. In the models SX-10 and SX-11, there are two types of the length of the handle and the working blade. There are S and M  sizes. With an increase in the length of the handle, the length of the working blade is proportionally increased. Thus, each nail stylist will be able to choose for themselves comfortable-sized scissors.
  • Shape of the handles. In the line, there are models SX-20 and SX-21, their curved handle distinguishes them. This unusual design provides comfort during work due to the comfortable position of the hand.
  • Engraving. The EXCLUSIVE line includes scissors with two types of engraving: zebra and magnolia. The handles of professional scissors of the EXCLUSIVE range are decorated with stylish, exquisite patterns, so each nail stylist will be able to choose a model to his taste.

Thus, EXCLUSIVE scissors are a unique professional tool that is ideal for removing cuticles and coarse skin near the nail plate.

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