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Tool guide: CLASSIC scissors from STALEKS

Product manager of STALEKS. I know everything about the instrument, so tell and teach you how to use it. Heading "Tool Guide".

Hello everyone!

In the section “Tool Guide,” we talk about different instruments, including one that intended for home use.

In past texts, we discussed:

Now we will talk about scissors for a home manicure –  STALEKS brand, Classic line.

PAY ATTENTION! As far as CLASSIC nippers are intended for personal use, they cannot be used by nail technicians with a long line of customers. These nippers cannot be aggressively sterilized and disinfected, as nail stylists used to do in a salon with a professional tool.


What unites all CLASSIC scissors?

All CLASSIC scissors are combined by use of stainless steel, a glossy finish, and manual sharpening.

  1. All CLASSIC scissors are made of stainless steel, due to which they are corrosion resistant and retain sharpening.
  2. Also, additional resistance to corrosion is provided by polishing with GOI paste. GOI paste is used for grinding and polishing steel alloys and gives a glossy finish.
  3. The scissors are sharpened manually, so the tool is ready for use right after purchase. Thanks to this, you can accurately give self-manicure at home. 

A nice bonus is the packaging can be used as a storage case.


What are the differences between the scissors within the CLASSIC line?

Inside the line, the scissors differ in purpose (for cuticle, for nails, for children):

  • CLASSIC scissors for the cuticle include models SC-10 (first photo) and SC-20 (second photo). Between them, they differ in the visual shape of the blades. The SC-10 model has a more elongated working part and is presented in two sizes S and L. The SC-20 model is presented in one size – M, this is the average ratio of the length of the working part, and the scissor handles. These scissor models will help to remove the cuticle with no effort.
  • CLASSIC scissors for nails. Models SC-30/1 (first photo) and SC-61/2 (second photo) are designed to cut the nail plate. They have some differences. SC-30/1 have straight blades without inclination, and such scissors are intended to correct a thin and medium nail plate; SC-61/2 – blades with a slight curve, this model is designed to correct the middle and strong, solid nail plate, due to wide thickened working part.
  • CLASSIC scissors for children’s nails. Model SC-30/2 is children’s scissors. Their feature is that the ends are blunt, which prevents the risk of injuring the child.

So, the CLASSIC line from STALEKS includes several models of nail scissors, each of which has the most convenient design, depending on the purpose of the tool.

Cuticle scissors have thin, narrowed blades, which allows you to approach the cuticle as tightly as possible and remove it qualitatively. The tool for nails has a wider blade, so that the correction of the nail plate length is easy and without additional effort. Scissors for children are distinguished by their blunt tips, thanks to which it is safe for a baby to cut nails.

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