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Tool Guide: Manicure & Pedicure Pushers

Product manager of STALEKS. I know everything about the instrument, so tell and teach you how to use it. Heading "Tool Guide".

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to talk about manicure and pedicure pushers from the STALEKS company.

The pusher is a simple and extremely useful tool with which you can quickly tidy up the nail lunula and the area around it.

The pushers in our range are divided into two types, depending on which procedure they are intended for manicure and pedicure. Manicure pushers, in turn, are professional (nail technicians use them, they can be sterilized frequently) and home (used in a personal set for a manicure at home). You can find professional pushers in the range of the STALEKS PRO brand (Expert and Smart lines), and pushers for a home manicure in the range of the STALEKS brand (Classic and Beauty & Care lines). Pedicure pushers belong to a professional tool and are presented in the Expert line.

Consider each group individually.


Home Use Pushers: Classic and Beauty & Care

All manicure pushers for home use have the following common features:

  • They are all made of high-quality stainless steel;
  • All working parts are sharpened manually;
  • All of them are compact so that it will fit into any manicure set.

CLASSIC LINE. The Classic line manicure spatulas have a simple and attractive appearance. Special notches on the handles not only serve as decorative decoration but also have a particular functional purpose: it prevents slipping of the tool in hand during the procedure.

Both models РС-10 and РС-20 have two working parts: on one side of the tool there is a pusher, that pushes the cuticle, and on the other, a hatchet, which cleans the free edge of the nail and its lateral parts from contamination.

The differences are only in the size of the working parts. The PC-10 model has an enlarged pusher for a wide nail plate, and the PC-20 model has a smaller pusher for a small nail.

BEAUTY & CARE line. The Beauty & Care line includes several manicure pushers: with a flat handle and a rounded one. Let’s take a closer look.

РВС-10/4 model is a one-sided manicure tool with a trimmer working part. With the help of a trimmer, you can effectively remove the cuticle, as well as clean the surface of the nail plate from skin growths using sharp blades.

РВС-20/1 and РВС-20/2 models are double-sided blades with a round handle. The notches on the handle are designed to tight fixation of the tool in hand. The handles have a stylish matte finish. The working parts: pusher, hatchet, and arrow. The pusher is designed to push the cuticle, the hatchet and arrow are designed to clean the surface of the nail. 

PLEASE NOTE! Since the pushers of the Classic and Beauty & Care lines are intended for personal use, they cannot be used by nail technicians with a long queue of clients. These pushers can not be sterilized and disinfected frequently, as nail stylists are used to doing with a professional tool.

Professional pushers: Expert and Smart

Next, let’s move on to the professional pushers. Such a tool is ideal for manicure and pedicure technicians with a long queue of clients. The tools of the Expert and Smart line of the STALEKS PRO brand will withstand frequent sterilization and disinfection, and will not lose their aesthetic appearance and sharpness.

All professional pushers are united by:

  • Professional manual sharpening under a microscope;
  • Notches on the handles (prevent slipping of the tool from your hand – the pushers are comfortable for a nail stylist of any skill level and training);
  • Material – high-quality stainless steel grade AISI440, corrosion-resistant.

EXPERT LINE. The Expert line includes not only manicure but also pedicure pushers. Let’s consider each type in detail.

The Expert 10 series manicure pushers have a thin, graceful handle and are quite lightweight. The working parts are varied: a rounded pusher on one side, and a hatchet, a rounded hatchet, a bent blade on the other side.

In the continuation of the 10th series, there is the 11th. It fully corresponds to the parameters of the 10th series, but the pusher in such tools is not rounded, but rectangular.

Expert 30 series manicure pushers have a larger handle diameter and weight. The working parts: a rounded wide pusher on one side, and a narrow pusher, a hatchet, a bent blade for left-handers and right-handers, a straight blade on the other side.

The Expert 40 series manicure pushers is a double-sided tool for mixing materials. In terms of its dimensions, the tool is identical to the 10th series: thin handle, lightweight.

Expert pedicure pushers are tools of the 20 and 60 series.

In the 20 series, there are pedicure tools with working parts of a curette-hemisphere and an arrow, a double-sided curette. These models are designed to work with an ingrown toenail and for partial removal of dry calluses. In the 60 series, there are pedicure tools with files of different thicknesses and an inclination for filling an ingrown nail.

Both manicure and pedicure pushers of the Expert line are polished with GOI paste, due to that they have a glossy surface.

SMART LINE. The Smart line includes 10 and 20 series manicure pushers.

The model PS-10 has a pusher on one side and a hatchet or rectangular pusher on the other side. The working parts of the PS-20 model are rectangular pusher and blade.

Smart pushers (like all other tools in the range) have a matte finish due to sandblasting. Another difference from the Expert line is that the size of the handle and working parts of the Smart pushers is smaller.

The range of STALEKS and STALEKS PRO brands is diverse. Each nail stylist will be able to choose the right tool for themselves based on their preferences in work, and the average consumer will find the perfect tool for their ideal home manicure.

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