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Tool guide: EXPERT nippers from STALEKS PRO

Product manager of STALEKS. I know everything about the instrument, so tell and teach you how to use it. Heading "Tool Guide".

You still can’t figure out what instrument to prefer?

Do you get lost in the variety of the range?

Our “Tool Guide” will help you decide and choose the perfect assistant. Everything for your neat and safe manicure! Every week we publish a review on a tool from a particular line. We have already told you about:

Today we decided to help manicure technicians again and did a review on a professional tool. Let’s talk about the Expert line of nippers from STALEKS PRO.

The basis for the creation of a professional tool of the Expert series was laid by innovative developments of the company’s design bureau. 

Detailed thought-out features, first-class quality of steel, the possibility of multiple sharpening make such a tool indispensable for nail stylists.


What does unite all Expert nippers? 

All Expert skin nippers combine stainless steel, manual sharpening, polishing of the hinge joint and ease in maintenance

  1. All Expert line cutters are made of high quality 40×13 steel with high chromium content. A unique red-hot method makes the material so durable, and a high percentage of chromium gives corrosion resistance.
    For additional corrosion protection, the entire Expert line tools are polished to a mirror effect using GOI paste. GOI paste is used for grinding and polishing steel alloys; it gives a glossy finish to the tool.
    40% of carbon content is responsible for the hardness of steel;
    13% of the content of the main alloying element (chromium) – is responsible for corrosion resistance.
  2. Professional manual sharpening in several stages ensures complete closure of the cutting edges and safe skin cutting.
  3. The soft, even, and smooth opening stroke due to careful polishing of the hinge joint reduces the load on the nail stylist’s hand during the procedure.
  4. Professional Expert nippers can be subjected to all types of sterilization and disinfection. And the original inverted rivet contributes to easy and simple service (EXCEPTION – NE-71, NE-72 model of nippers).

Separately, it is worth noting that the rivet in the STALEKS PRO tools is not red-hot. It allows us to preserve the flexibility of the metal and prevent the appearance of cracks during tamping.

All professional skin nippers can be sharpened many times; the high strength of medical steel is guaranteed by quenching in a vacuum oven.


What are the differences between the nippers within the Expert  line?

During the work with cuticles, the high quality of the cut and the most convenient access to the removed skin is essential. After all, this is what allows you to do manicures and pedicures as neat and efficient as possible!

The EXPERT line offers a wide range of nippers with a large selection of types and sizes of the working part, the length, and shape of the handles, as well as several types of springs mechanisms.

Let’s consider in more detail:

  • Handles

The NE-10 nippers have wave-shaped handles, the NE-71 nippers have straight handles, the NE-80 nippers have curved handles.

The wave-shaped handles guarantee a convenient and reliable fixation of the instrument in hand. Straight handles are models without protrusions and bend for fans of the classics. Curved handles facilitate easy pressing; during the work with such nippers, the nail stylist does the usual actions faster and makes less effort.

Due to the unique design, the nippers fit comfortably in the palm. The load on the hand of a nail stylist and the ability to remove the cuticle as neat as possible depend on convenient handles.

Профессиональные кусачки NE-11 линейки Expert (волнообразные ручки)
  • Spring mechanisms

There are two plates in NE-11 nippers, and they allow you to adjust the stroke. In NE-31 nippers, there is a removable spiral spring that is designed for nail technicians who are used to working on such springs.

Both types of the spring mechanism are durable and provide a smooth stroke, so the choice of this element depends on the individual preferences of the nail stylist.

  • Cutting part.

The Expert line includes nippers with a wide range of cutting parts: from 3 mm up to 16 mm.

There are cutting parts with a “heel” (as in NE-11 nippers) and without a “heel”(model NE-72-9). The heel is the degree of protrusion of the nippers’ cutting part from the side of handles, towards the flat of the entire tool. It affects the depth of the cuticle and skin capture from the lateral nail folds. For thin skin, nippers without heels are safer.

Cutting part can be with inclination (nippers NE-21) and without ( nippers NE-11). The angle of inclination of the cutting part is responsible for the position of the hand during the procedure. This parameter is determined individually by the nail stylist.

  • Purpose.

The Expert line has nippers for skin and nails. The last ones are characterized by more powerful handles and a massive hinge joint compared to skin nippers.

The NE-60 model is suitable for the correction of the nail plate of any thickness due to the durable construction.

Model NE-61 is designed to remove ingrown nails due to a special narrowed working part, as well as to correct a soft nail plate.



Expert is the widest line for any nail stylist technique. You will be able to pick up for yourself those nippers with which you can quickly and efficiently do manicure and pedicure by working in your usual technique. Focus on your experience, comfort, and individual preferences, and the STALEKS PRO brand will help you improve and enjoy your work.

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