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CHRISTINA MEZIN: Where can a novice nail stylist find a client?

And five common myths

8 years ago I started work at home with an average check of 80 UAH. Today I am the head of my nail studio in Ternopil.
I am a practicing nail stylist and instructor. I share secrets and life hacks, I write frankly about our fairy work. Everything is truthful, all by facts, all from experience.

Today, almost everywhere you can find beauty salons and almost on every porch, you can find a nail stylist that works at home. Where and how the nail technician should look for clients if she has just begun to master our occupation?

The Internet is teeming with advertisements and offers to attend business trainings. And how much information is in free, free access in social networks! Frankly? I’ve been in the nail industry since 2011, I’ve been doing chic manicures for 8 years and I haven’t passed any training on luring (I will call it that) clients. BUT! Clients whom I met in the first month of work are still coming to me!It is interesting to know why? How did I do it?

In 2011, everything in our sphere was far from what it is now. There were no targeted ads, many processing programs, cool cameras and a variety of social platforms. Masters just had to be cool to get the customer’s attention.I had to sweat well to make nails better tomorrow than today. I tried hard!More and more. And it worked.

And it was not in the quality of the photo or backstage from my working kitchen, but in manicure! The client looked at the MANICURE. Each client had to leave satisfied! And not just a manicure, but also service. And then the percentage that he will return grew. So the client base was being developed.

So is there today. Nothing changed. Just added a lot of tips, helpers, programs, social networks, where you can and should show yourself. If previously only the word of mouth method worked, then today we have a huge platform for finding our audience – Instagram. And there is no single formula for success or magic mantra that will lead a client to your home and make him stay with you.There is you and your desire.

The client is not just nails, as most beginners think.Usually, the client is a WOMAN. Moody, with or without mood,  who came to you not only because of manicure, but also to relax.After all, personal care is a great opportunity for us to relax, right, ladies? The way you accept the client will sometimes affect her return more than the manicure itself. And if you also make cool nails, be sure – she will be yours!

I will dispel several myths:

1) “Right now it’s hard to look for a client”. NO! It has always been difficult, and now more than ever there are many opportunities for this. Depends on your a desire!

2) “I am clumsy doing a manicure – the client will not return”. In fact, she will return if you offer what you know more, show that you are growing and learning. And even just be friendly. The client will understand that your price is not a salon price, and a huge plus – it’s fun with you ☺

3) “The competition is too great”. This is not a myth, of course, many people are now engaged in manicure. But you can find your client too! Do fresh manicures, follow the trends, draw examples, and learn. Increase the material base. And you will see how quickly you will bypass the nail technicians in your area.

4) “The client does not want to do manicure at my home”.  Not true.  Believe me, there are different clients.And those who can not afford the price in the salon are looking for a more affordable option.  And here you are! And you do it cool, and the person is nice! ☺

5) “They don’t want to take me to the salon, I still don’t know enough”.  Take my word for it – this is not so. The best nail stylists that I hired to work in my studio and they came to me “raw”.Why did I hire them? Because I saw desire, diligence, and dedication! And this was enough for me to bring the nail technician from scratch to a high level.Therefore, if you show the owner of the salon that you are ready to work and develop , the place will be yours. And it does not depend on the popularity of the salon. 

Keep the bar high – Don’t be afraid to “encroach” on trendy, famous studios. There, like nowhere, good workers are needed!


Evolve! Improve quality and time! Update your materials! Make an advertisement! And do not forget about continuing education – online or offline.

This is your driving force at the beginning of your career.

Good luck to everyone in work and growth!  And remember you who wants, you can, and know how and achieves the goal. And if you are not too lazy and read to the end ☺, I will wait for your feedback.

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