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If a pregnant woman came to the manicure. What should the nail technician remember?

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Imagine a situation: your regular client shares with you the joy of soon adding of one more member to a family. Or a pregnant woman comes to you at the first manicure procedure. Stay calm! Pregnancy is not contagious (joke). But seriously, the nail technician should not forget that the caution of a woman during this period of life is fully justified. The client in such a state will want to know whether the manicure or pedicure will cause harm to health. The most common fear is to contract a skin infection. Poor sterilization of tools and insufficient disinfection of the working surface can lead to sad consequences. STALEKS PRO has prepared for you a detailed article on what nail technician should pay attention to and what are the rules for a high-quality manicure.

We provide comfort

Recall, for what else, apart from beauty and grooming, customers come to us. Of course, for a cozy atmosphere and relaxation! Pregnancy is another challenge to the nervous system, so it is essential to provide the client with a corner of peace where she would feel comfortable.

This will help us to comply with such simple rules:

  • There must be proper ventilation in the salon to avoid the unnecessary influence of vapors and chemicals. Increased sense of smell during pregnancy can cause nausea.
  • During a pedicure, special attention should be paid to massage. It allows you to calm the muscles, improve blood circulation and reduces swelling. Especially in the last trimester, when the legs ache from the weight that has appeared, nothing soothes them like a good foot massage.
  • The tool should always be kept clean to avoid the spread of infections. To do this, it is necessary to carry out thorough sterilization of the tools in the dry heat sterilizer after each client, to disinfect the hands and the working surface with special means, to keep the clean tools in tight Kraft bags.
  • Clients can ask for a manicure with their personal tools. Often pregnant women are interested in the chemical composition of the materials used to make sure that there are no harmful chemicals. All this is completely acceptable.
  • It is important that the client has no cuts on the skin. Sores can become an open entrance for infections.
  • The nail technician should always work in gloves.
  • To prevent bacterial or fungal infections, you can do a manicure without a cut – push back the cuticle with a special pusher.

And again about safety

What is needed to manicure and pedicure did not cause any concerns to clients, and brought only beauty and health? To ensure safety during manicure and pedicure is the initial task of the master. Careful processing ensures that the tools are cleaned of various bacteria left over from the previous client and are completely safe to use. New in the market of the beauty industry have become disposable nail files. Previously, the nail technician did not pay enough attention to the sterilization of nail and foot files, but very in vain! Although these tools and are in contact only with the nail plate or chapped foot skin, it is important to still consider all aspects of hygiene.

The reputation of the salon reflects the accuracy of its employees and the organization of their workplace. Before starting work with a new client, the master must process his desk and throw out the used gloves. After that, you should wash your hands with antibacterial soap and offer to do the same to your new client. And this is not paranoia, but an effective barrier against various infectious diseases. The quality of the tool used is also an important safety point. STALEKS PRO high quality material tools are easily sterilized and disinfected without loss of practical properties and aesthetic appeal. Maleficent bacteria and microbe have no chance!

Nail technician’s qualification – the key to excellent results

The presence of medical books, hats, masks, shoe covers on the nail technician will allow the pregnant client to relax and not worry about her health and safety of the baby. And for women who are faced with the deterioration of the nail during pregnancy (for example, brittleness, cracking on the nail plate), suitable procedures for the care and strengthening. Manicure is a great way to make a woman feel more beautiful, well-groomed and rested. And for pregnant women it is especially important! Manicure and pedicure can be safe, but only when all the rules are followed. With STALEKS PRO tools, the nail technician will not feel tired and will be able to perform favorite work faster and more accurately. All for the need of a professional!

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