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Holder for masks from STALEKS PRO

For your comfort during the work

Product-manager of STALEKS. I'll tell you all about the technical features of the tool.

Not so long ago, we have prepared a text about the most important means of protection for a beauty stylist. The masks familiar to the technicians have become commonplace with ordinary people, and many of you have already realized the real pain when worn the mask for a long time, it presses on the ears and causes discomfort.

This is familiar to all nail stylists because during the working day (6-8 hours) the mask is almost always on the face and it is not always possible to buy a perfectly comfortable mask with a fixation on the back of the head.

But we know how to solve this problem!

Now on our official website and in online stores, you can buy a special holder for masks.

  • No suffering, because the mask will no longer move off the face and will not have to be corrected during the work with the client;
  • No pain or discomfort. Due to the holder, the mask will not put pressure on the ears.
  • No complications, just stretch the ropes of the mask through the notches of the holder and put it on your head. The design allows you to adjust the mask to fit the head.

The holder is made of high quality and hypoallergenic materials. Safety and convenience during work are above all, and we will not get tired of repeating it!


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