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Business idea: nail salon for men

STALEKS Journalist.
I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

Bold business ideas are spreading dynamically in the beauty industry. This domain is developing gradually but at a steady pace, as we witness growth among its supporters year from year.

And yes, among men, too. Traditionally the society demanded rigor and naturalness both in behavior and in appearance from them, with many taboos in place – especially when nail care was concerned: mention manicure to a man a century ago and end up dueling with him immediately!

No matter what they say, one cannot argue with the statistics: numbers clearly talk in favor of those who choose to fight for the attractiveness and beauty of the males.

Over 40% of men in their prime (30-55 years old) actively care about their appearance. And about 20% of them don’t mind facing the scalpel of a plastic surgeon to correct some shortcomings.

Solid demand for beauty services rests on the lack of offers of this kind. It takes a certain type of personality to engage in the beauty business for men, and it’s a path of the brave and not shy.

What if this idea is becoming more and more real? What do you need to open a men’s nail salon? What are the criteria to look for professionals? How to design the interior of a beauty salon? Behold the market analysis and business idea from STALEKS PRO!




It’s all about the concept!

It is not enough for any business model just to have an idea. There is a rule: “haste makes waste”. In order not to go bankrupt right after opening the nail salon for men, you need to consider 3 main marketing elements:

  • Profitable-unprofitable. The concept emerges from the efficiency of the business. The location of the men’s nail salon (town, neighborhood), communication (pipelines, advertising costs), proper management – it is important to consider all this at the initial stage of business planning.
  • The nail salon target audience. You need to show some research skills here. Who are your clients? Seniors, businessmen, youngsters, or hipsters? At this point, everything is important: gender, place of residence, age, social status.
  • Competition. There are not so many beauty salons serving exclusively men in Ukraine. Yes, we have a lot of barbershops, but that’s hairdressing, and we are more interested in manicure and pedicure. One strategy would be to hire a mystery consumer. Let them do some digging and gather information on service price levels, quality of service, professionalism of the staff, the business processes in general.

Staff: males or females?

We are not halfway there yet, and already there’s a craving to decide who is better suited to serve customers – a man or a woman? Perhaps, the beauty industry is more familiar to women, and it’s widely believed that only ladies have the necessary knowledge and skills required for a neat procedure.

However, in reality, it turns out that men prefer the company of their own kind. It’s a sort of club for common interests where the story of manicure beauty is being written down by a specialist of the same sex. Hobbies, problems with investors, buying tools, family squabbles – there are so many common issues to converse about!

A man feels much more confident near a male specialist. The customer does not need to keep track of his own eyes, thoughts, and even feelings. In addition, for those who doubt the skill of men – there are many male professionals in the field of manicure and pedicure! STALEKS PRO has already told the story of those who found themselves in this industry in spite of gender stereotypes and condemnation.

Criteria of professionalism

A manicurist for men should have an innate talent to appreciate the time. Customers from the world of business plan their lives for years to come, and the master should not violate the established order of things. Professionals doing their job quickly and achieving high-quality results can count on additional profit. If you save time and let the client know about it, they can agree to an additional service, for instance, hand massage.

The defining quality of an expert in the manicure salon for men is attentiveness to details. Personal interest, courtesy – these qualities play into the hands of the whole team. A professional should have a habit of notifying the client of any actions.

And finally, neatness. The appearance of a specialist says a lot about how he will look in the work environment. The high level of the master’s neatness has a direct correlation with the customer’s satisfaction and, ultimately, their self-esteem.

Interior design of a manicure salon for men

Bring your customers to the loft. We are talking about high ceilings, industrial elements, bare brick or concrete walls, protruding beams and pipes. This style of interior decoration is considered one of the most expensive styles in the world. Photos of brutal men on the walls, emphasis on high-tech elements, and soft chairs with chrome fittings will attract customers to your salon. A TV with a selection of movies or sports channels is a must.

Special attention should be paid to the reception desk. This marketing center is the first thing your customer sees. Do not skimp on the design that will simply shout “we are well prepared, enjoy!”

Professional instruments and quality materials

Thinking over the concept of business and the interior of the future men’s salon, do not forget about the key element without which there’s no manicure – the professional tools. With them, the master will conduct the procedure faster and with greater comfort.

Manicure for men requires special instruments. The basic set consists of:

  • Professional cuticle nippers with wide work part. For European manicure with removal of cuticle and horned skin from the nail folds.
  • Professional nail nippers. Keep in mind that men usually have thicker and stronger nails compared to women, so it is important to choose nippers with a massive working part.
  • Professional manicure spatulas with various shapes of the working part. They are used to push back the cuticle.
  • Professional laser nail files. These have two degrees of coarseness and are used to eliminate small defects and correct the shape of the nail plate.
  • Disposable soft buff for nail polishing.
  • Antiseptic to disinfect instruments and hands before manicure.
  • Equipment for disinfection and sterilization.

As you can see, this business idea turns out to be quite good. If you develop this plan not only in mind, it will also be very profitable. Give opening a nail salon for men a thought or two, and meanwhile we will prepare more ideas regarding the beauty industry for you.

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