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Bubble manicure – what is it and how is it made?

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How many different interesting designs exist! While we were making a list of the most trendy nail art of the year, we had seen enough of unusual options. It’s time to tell you about such an extravagant design as bubble manicure.

The manicure has such a name because it is decorated with fancy balls. Nail technicians experiment with bubble sizes, the color of polish, additional decorations. Such a manicure is not for the modest, because it is guaranteed to draw attention.

Bubble manicure is one of the most popular and sought-after ways to transform your nails. This nail art looks unusual and fresh. Learn more secrets?

The history of bubble manicure

The nail art technique, which uses acrylic balls to decorate nails, has appeared recently. Bubble manicure was in the trend of 2015, and since then has firmly entrenched among fashion trends.

He first appeared at fashion shows in the United States. The basis of the design was a bright multi-colored chewing gum, which was then replaced by shiny and matte acrylic balls. The nail technician puts colored bubbles on the nails so that you can create such an interesting effect.

Due to the unusual design of the bubble manicure, it is suitable for extravagant and eccentric women. In particular, adolescents chose him because of the excellent opportunity to emphasize their individuality.

HOW TO PERFORM A BUBBLE MANICURE?  Nail preparation and the necessary tool

In general terms, preparation for bubble manicure is practically no different from traditional nail art. First, you need to prepare the nails – carefully process the cuticle, choose the length and shape of the nails.

Please note that the bubble manicure looks better on long nails. This design provides for significant convex elements, which can further visually shorten already short nails. Give the loose to your fantasy!

So, the first stage is a classic hygienic manicure: we process the nail plate, form the contour, remove the cuticle. The nail technicians at this stage use professional tools: nippers or scissors for nails and skin, tweezers for cuticles, pushers, files with a disposable abrasive

The professional STALEKS PRO line differs by design features and steel. Such a tool is suitable for frequent sterilization, and constant load with a large flow of clients. It holds sharpening for a long time, is durable, practical, ergonomic (it fits comfortably in the palm, and the hand of the nail technician is less tired).

The STALEKS home tool range is free of all excess, but also practical and durable at home use. This tool is necessary if you do manicure and care of your nails at home. The range includes nail nippers and for skin, manicure scissors – there are for nails and for cuticles, pushers, a reusable file. If you do not want to buy the tool separately, in the STALEKS catalog, you can choose a manicure set with everything you need. It is fast, convenient, and economical!

HOW TO PERFORM A BUBBLE MANICURE? And now we go to the most interesting!

So, our nails after hygienic manicure look perfect. Time to start design!

  1. Apply the primer evenly and let it dry.
  2. Next, apply acrylic – from the middle of the nail to its tip. After solidification, you can form the desired shape.
  3. Dry the nails under the lamp, apply polish and decor.

The process of performing the bubble manicure resembles nail extension, so it requires appropriate skills.

Due to the fact that you can give the dried acrylic on the nail almost any shape, the “bubbles” can be made slightly narrower at the end, or vice versa made perfectly round and convex. Options with sharp tips of the nail look extravagant – especially for owners of long fingers.

Another interesting concept is giving the nail a blunt-pointed shape. Also, great freedom is opened in the choice of colors and the use of a wide variety of decor: bright polishes, glitter, and overlays. It depends only on the imagination of the nail technicians.

The unusual version of the manicure is ready! Show off your beautiful bubble manicure and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel – there we will share different life hacks and interesting design ideas.. Let’s create beauty together!

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