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Pedicure devices: types and features

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

A pedicure is a painstaking procedure, with the help of which you can put your nails in order and take care of your feet’ skin. Special devices for a pedicure (nail drill bits) will help the nail stylist save time and effort. Thanks to them, you can process problem areas, remove calluses, and corns.

A pedicure device has a holder (handle) and a micromotor (processor). The central part of this mechanism is a removable nozzle – a pododisс, on which disposable abrasives are attached.

Pododisk is easy to sterilize and disinfect, does not take up much space in the dry heat, that’s why the nail technician loves it so much. This little helper does a great job, and we’ll talk about the types of pododisсs in the next article.

In the meantime, about the devices. The main question that nail stylists face is: which pedicure device to give preference to? After all, there are many of them on the market. Let’s talk briefly about the main aspects of the choice.



There are devices for pedicure only and devices with extended functionality (for example, for a manicure, nail extension, and correction). If you are only interested in a pedicure device, choose a device with high power and speed.

Pay attention to indicators such as power, number of revolutions, and torque.

Power is how much work and how much can be done in a certain amount of time. So devices for home use have a power of up to 30-60 W, professional devices – from 60 W.

The number of revolutions is how quickly the nozzle rotates in the holder. For a professional pedicure, this number should be at least 35 thousand rpm. It is important to remember that the number of revolutions does not determine the power of the device.

Torque is how quickly the machine’s handle picks up speed and how fast this speed will lose (for example, when the load increases). For the processing of “problematic” (diabetic) feet with corns, 3.5 N / cm is suitable.

When choosing a device, do not forget to check these indicators.

Installation and transportation method

There are portable and stationary devices. The former can be transported with a carrying case. The weight of mobile devices is less (up to 2 kg).


Control method

There are hand and foot control devices. In the first case, all the levers and buttons are located on the device’s body, and in the second case, some functions are taken over by the pedal. The pedals themselves are also of two types: for turning on / off the device and adjusting the speed, where the principle of operation is like in a sewing machine – the harder you press the pedal, the faster the nozzle rotates.

The device with what control type to choose is an individual question. As a rule, pedal devices work faster, although you have to work out a knack first.


Cooling and overheating protection system

The handle heats up during any procedures with the device. When choosing a device, pay attention to the ventilation system. It is essential that the air intake opening is not blocked by a hand. Premium devices have a forced cooling function for the handle, or the design uses sealed handles.

For cooling the device itself, there are special slots on its body. They are located at the back or sides. Also, some models are equipped with an overheating fuse – if the load is excessive, the device may turn off automatically.


Vacuum cleaner

Taking care of your health and well-being of clients is an essential point in a nail stylist’s work. And the removal of nail dust, the smallest particles of the skin, is included in this.

There are devices without vacuum cleaners and with a vacuum cleaner. It is precisely the latter used for a pedicure because the size of the resulting dust particles from the manicure is quite small. Vacuum systems require periodic bag changes and hose processing. 

The range of the STALEKS PRO brand includes pododiscs for devices both with and without a vacuum cleaner. For a professional podology device with a vacuum cleaner, you will need discs with a leg length of 37 mm. Discs with a leg length of 27 mm or more are suitable for working on ordinary devices.


The following types of chucks are used in pedicure machines:

  • Auto. It is the most practical option – the nozzle is fixed quickly and securely.
  • Semi-automatic. The nozzle is fixed by turning the handle to one side until it clicks. Replacing the nozzle requires performing the same action, but in the opposite direction.
  • Manual. Fixing and replacing the nozzle requires several manipulations.



There are expensive and budget models of pedicure machines. When choosing, be guided by your capabilities, work experience, and the device’s scope – for example, budget models are also suitable for a pedicure at home. An expensive model will be made of better materials and have advanced functionality.

Budget models include Maxwell, Galaxy, GA.MA. Mid-range devices are Runail, Medisana, Ho Medics. Expensive premium class devices are Strong, Brillian.

Also, when choosing a pedicure device, pay attention to the fact that the noise level is minimal (and does not annoy you or the client), and there is no vibration at all. In high-quality devices, there will be no vibration even when working at maximum speed. 

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