ANNUSHKA MOROZ: It so happened that I am eating by nature. And most of the world I perceive visually. Therefore, from the early years I was drawn to the beautiful. For ten years I have been fond of drawing sketches of clothes and watching fashion shows on TV. Fortunately, we had a channel that clocked up fashion collections. Contemplating beautiful creations, I dreamed of a career in fashion designer clothing.

I am a very creative person and I try to come up to all the moments of life creatively. Whatever it is about: cooking, home decor, greeting cards, gift selection. In everything I try to show my imagination, to give my imagination a chance to create, something unusual – my own. I always wanted to show people how I see some or other things, show them their inner world and the riot of colors and fantasies that I am filled with.

It was an attempt to study at an art school. But she did not crown her success. As a set of artistic rules drove me crazy, did not give me the opportunity to show myself. My studies ended only in a few lessons. At the age of 14 I had the opportunity to contemplate how my neighbor’s mom was painting his nails. She was engaged in this amateur. And a couple of times, running to my girlfriend, I stopped at the table for her mom with all the manicure accessories. I was captured by all these jars with paints and varnishes. After seeing, I was mentally drawing different pictures in my imagination.

At this point, I realized that I want to try drawing on my own nails. So my long and exciting way into the world of nail art began.


ANNUSHKA MOROZ: The world of the industry is not worth the place. Every day there is more and more opportunities to realize their creative potential.

I’m a fighter for life. And at a young age, I decided to strive to be better in any field I choose. For the place under the sun must fight!

I am very motivated by the achievements of colleagues. I’m proud to read about someone’s victory. Since childhood, parents have taught me the most important thing that jealousy does not lead to success. This feeling leads to self-destruction.

The pride of colleagues and the desire to be better than yesterday, as well as the insane support of my family – this is the most important motivation!

To see the happy faces of relatives, to read in their eyes a sense of pride – a great reward.

And, my students are very motivated by me. I want my “Kids” (so I call their students) proud of me and the school who gave them a ticket to the world of beauty. Watching for their achievements is happiness for me. And in order to always be a professional and share knowledge, you need to systematically work on yourself and develop.


ANNUSHKA MOROZ: Friendship with Staleks Pro started with us not so long ago. From the spring of 2017. During this short period of time, the entire team became very native to me. Since the company shares my values and interests. Staleks Company is one of the few, which only professionals work. People who are obsessed with their work, who want to change the world.

The company arranges unforgettable holidays for the masters of the industry, which has the opportunity to relax and chat in the circle of people close in spirit.

I am insistently sympathetic to the fact that the company is not obsessed with only profits at all costs. For the company, not only their employees are very important, but also the happiness of their clients 🙂 The company pays a huge role to innovative developments, creating all the new products for high-quality masters work. Staleks PRO is a company that you can safely rely on. People you are not indifferent to. People who take a place in my heart.


ANNUSHKA MOROZ: One of the greatest reasons for pride is my talented graduates who, inspired by my achievements, achieve incredible success in the industry.


ANNUSHKA MOROZ: At the very beginning of the creative path, it will not be overwhelming patience and vernoslivost.Stat a professional in their business can only if they work hard. And it takes a lot of effort and time. So, my dear colleagues, keep up patience and step forward boldly to your brilliant career! 🙂 And STALEKS PRO will help you in this.


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