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Diamond nail drill bits EXPERT from STALEKS PRO

2020 novelty

STALEKS Marketing Director.
Let's raise beauty to fetish together!

Well, 2020 began with great news!

You will not believe with what novelty our range has replenished.  The main clue is no hardware, nor combi manicure can do without this tool.

All nail stylists who are used to working with the nail drill machine asked us so much if professional nail drill bits would appear in our lineup. After all, there is a sharp and high-quality working tool, and there are pedicure discs, removable abrasives for nail files. And now, the time has come.

DIAMOND NAIL DRILL BIT EXPERT LINE FROM STALEKS PRO is our new development. We will not languish for a long time: features and advantages of our nail drill bits, a variety of working forms and grits, other details are in this review!

About nail drill bits in general

First of all, the combination of words “nail drill bit” is familiar to those nail stylists who have passed professional courses in hardware or combined manicure. It is when the skin and cuticle are processed in both the classical technique and using the nail drill machine.

A nail drill bit is a head with which you can perfectly polish both the nail itself and the skin around it.  Hardware manicure is carried out without first soaking hands (on dry skin).  This procedure prevents exfoliation of the nails and the rapid growth of the cuticle, recommended for a delicate cuticle.

Using a nail drill bit, you can remove the cuticle and various skin roughness around the nail (pterygium, horned skin), remove gel polish, and process natural or artificial nails.

Description “diamond” hints at the spraying material – the smallest diamond powder, evenly covered over the entire surface of the working part. 

Diamond nail drill bits are made in two ways:

  1. diamond crumbs with adhesive composition baked in a furnace,
  2. Diamond sand sprayed on a steel billet.

And now more about the nail drill bits from STALEKS PRO

In the production of diamond nail drill bits, we rely on our technology. Together with leading experts, we carefully monitor:

  • Compliance with the standards for applying diamond spraying – so that it is even, without sticking crumbs in one place or gaps. It ensures the accuracy of manicure and the absence of hangnails;
  • Radial runout (“centering”) of the nail drill bit – its ability to remain perfectly even at high speeds. This indicator, to a large extent, depends on the first point – the even covering with diamond crumbs. If the coating is not even, the nail drill bit may “skew” during work, which will adversely affect the work of the machine. An uncentered nail drill bit can break the handle of the machine. We check all nail drill bits on special standardization equipment; therefore we are responsible for compliance with quality standards.
  • Using only high-quality materials in production (diamond covering and medical steel 40X13). Diamond nail drill bits of the EXPERT line serves an order of magnitude longer than usual (without loss of manicure speed). Like all STALEKS PRO tools, nail drill bits can be disinfected and sterilized.

Range of diamond nail drill bits EXPERT from STALEKS PRO

We could not develop a new tool without listening to the opinions of those who will use it! We are happy to work for our nail stylists and create something new, revolutionary, so we approach this issue as responsible as possible.


A focus group of more than one hundred nail stylists practicing hardware or combi manicures helped determine the main forms of diamond nail drill bits.  According to the survey, it is these nail drill bits which stylists use most often:

1) Ball (vendor code FA01) – It is used to remove the cuticle and “open” the side nail walls, eliminate torn skin.

2) Flame (vendor code FA10) – It is used for processing side nail walls, cracks, corns. The length of the working part is 8 mm.

3) Cylinder (vendor code FA20) – It is used to correct the shape of an artificial nail, process corns, and cracks.


4) Rounded cylinder (vendor code FA30) – It is used to remove cuticles and torn skin from the side nail walls.


5) Drop (vendor code FA40) – It is used to remove cuticles, calluses. It can be used as a combination of “ball” and “flame” (one nail drill bit instead of two).


6) Rounded “bud” (vendor code FA50) – It is used for delicate removal of cuticles and rough torn skin from the side nail walls.


7) Pointed “bud”  (vendor code FA60) – It is used for delicate removal of cuticles and rough torn skin from the side nail walls.


8) Frustum (vendor code FA70) – It is used for grinding and polishing the nail, processing the cuticle, and correcting the length of the nail plate.

9) Needle (vendor code FA80) – It is used for processing side nail walls and cracks. Also used to round the corners of the nail plate or to lift the cuticle.

So, STALEKS PRO diamond nail drill bits are presented in 9 variants of working forms, but in fact, the range is much wider. In total, we produce as many as 38 different types of diamond nail drill bits – they differ in their abrasiveness and diameter.


As you know, grit indicates the degree of granularity (roughness) of the covering. With nail drill bits in this regard, the same situation as with nail files, disposable abrasive files, and pedicure discs. To work with a specific type of skin, you will need a nail drill bit of a certain abrasiveness.

Again, in order to form a range, we turned to the expert opinion of nail stylists and decided to produce nail drill bits in 3 types of abrasiveness. For convenience, we marked the iron base of the nail drill bits with colored markers:

  • Red – fine grain, for delicate processing of the skin and natural nail plate.
  • Blue – medium grain, to smooth out thickening, hard skin, and nails, to move, raise and remove the cuticle.
  • Green – coarse grain, for quick processing of hard skin and nails, removal of thickenings and treatment of corns, for processing side walls of nails.

You can find red and blue abrasiveness of nail drill bits in the “ball”, “flame”, “cylinder”, “drop”, “rounded bud” and “pointed bud”, “frustum”, “needle” working forms. The working form of the nail drill bit with green (the hardest) abrasiveness is only one – the “rounded cylinder.”


The diameter of the diamond nail drill bit is equivalent to the size of the working part. It is a position of convenience, and each nail stylist has their preferences: someone is more convenient to use a large diameter nail drill bit, and someone is used to using small nail drill bits.

STALEKS PRO takes into account different wishes, so the range of diamond nail drill bits will consist of 14 different options in diameter: from 1 to 4 mm. The specific form of the working part will be presented in its diameter options.

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