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STALEKS Journalist.
I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

In the modern world, new fashion trends challenge stereotypes and the fear of novelty. The border between “male” and “female” began to blur, which could not but affect the sphere of beauty industry.

Now you will not be surprised by the fact that a man can monitor his appearance, do a manicure and sign up for other salon procedures that were previously considered purely “female”.

Eyelash extensions have recently gained popularity among other services in beauty salons. And even in a short time, not only women but also men became interested in this procedure.

What is a male eyelash extension? What tools are best suited for such a procedure, what to look for, who can increase eyelashes – the Ukrainian brand STALEKS PRO will open the secrets of the salon service, which has already become the trend of 2019.


Not everyone naturally has thick and long eyelashes, and this excites many people, regardless of gender. Men also tend to look attractive, but only not so often claim it.

In addition, many young people work in the beauty or fashion industry. In this environment, it is important that the eye attracts attention, is more vivid and expressive. The best solution to the problem will be eyelash extensions. Then the eyes will look much more beautiful and more natural than using decorative cosmetics.


Male eyelash extension is different in that the masters for this procedure use natural hair length and classic colors, although everything will depend only on the wishes of the client.

To get the desired result, it is important to know the nuances of male eyelash extensions. This procedure consists of the following steps:

  • material selection;
  • determination of the required length of eyelashes;
  • color matching;
  • choice of extension method.

The most common are the two methods of extension: the Japanese technology of eyelash extension and extension beams. In general, the preparation for the procedure and the sequence of stages of the male eyelash extension does not differ from the female (usual for our understanding). We have already shared the secrets of professional eyelash extensions that will help you achieve naturalness and accuracy – these aspects are especially important for men.

The build-up bunches is different from the scoop in that they use hairs collected in 3 or more pieces. This procedure will take a little time.

The principle of eyelash extensions allows you to achieve maximum naturalness. This effect is achieved due to the fact that each individual artificial hair is attached to a separate natural eyelash. The technology allows you to avoid weighting eyelids and unnatural type of eyelashes.



For the procedure to be successful, it is important what tool the wizard uses. A professional is only a professional tool, we are sure, therefore we suggest paying attention to the STALEKS PRO series of tweezers for eyelash extension.

One of the most important aspects is the choice of tweezers for extension. There are many types of this tool, and each model has its own characteristics and purpose.

Each extension technique requires the use of special shaped tweezers. For example, straight tweezers are suitable for holding beams, and an L-shaped tool is used to simulate eyelashes.

For a neat male extension, it is important to have curved tweezers to securely hold and attach the eyelash to the edge. Such tweezers are indispensable for building in the classical technique, the formation of one and a half or 2D volume.


When eyelash extensions may be difficulties that a man should know in advance. Even if all the materials and tools used are of excellent quality, and the skill level of the specialist is not satisfactory – no one is immune from the occurrence of allergic reactions. With all the desire to build thick eyelashes, to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, it is not necessary to begin the procedure if you are allergic to glue or other materials. It is worth to pre-negotiate with the master.

To understand, you have an allergy, it is necessary to stick a few cilia and walk like that throughout the day. This will be enough to know the reaction of the body. If no negative effects are observed, then we can safely go on the procedure.

Also, do not recommend to build eyelashes for people who are chronically ill with conjunctivitis. Among other things, if your own eyelashes are damaged or weak by nature, they can simply not withstand the severity of artificial cilia and will start to fall out after a while.

Whatever type of building you choose, an important condition for a perfect job is a professional tool. Only he will help the master to achieve maximum accuracy and accuracy.

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