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NADEZHDA SUPRUN: How to take care of hands in the cold season?

I am a nail stylist-beginner from Krasnodar. I completed a basic course in manicure and received my first diploma six months ago. To do this, I went to Kharkiv daily and did my homework on the road.
I try to learn online and develop at every opportunity.

So winter has come.

The temperature outside is rapidly falling down, which means that it is time to take care of protecting your hands from the effects of low temperatures. After all, the cold has a terrible effect on our delicate skin: it dries up and begins to peel off. And also from drying out, cracks on the skin may even appear. It not only brings significant discomfort and pain but can also cause other unpleasant consequences.


Basic rules for hand care in winter

All of us, and especially owners of sensitive skin, should adhere to several rules for hand care on frosty days.

  • Wear gloves.

Let’s start with the simplest, but, of course, very important – never walk the street with your bare hands! In the cold, the capillaries narrow, and the skin’s nutrition deteriorates, so you should wear gloves or mittens, preferably made from natural materials (this will be warmer and more pleasant for our delicate skin of hands).

  • Wash hands right.

It is better to wash your hands in warm water with a cream soap or soap with a moisturizing effect. Unlike conventional antibacterial soap, which dries the skin of the hands, it has a creamy texture and contains various oils and extracts aimed at nourishing and restoring the skin, as well as vitamin E.

Coming from the street very frozen, the first thing we want is to quickly dip our hands in hot water and warm them in this way (we all, at least sometimes, do so ☺). The heat will quickly dissipate throughout the body, but hands will suffer greatly from such contrasts. A sharp change in temperature will lead to slowed blood circulation, vasoconstriction, malnutrition of the skin, cuticle, and nails. After we washed our hands, it is better to wipe them dry, because, remaining on the skin, the water will evaporate along with internal moisture, leaving the skin completely dry and dehydrated. We don’t need it, we want our skin to be healthy, moisturized and beautiful.

  • Do not forget about the cuticle.

After each contact with water, we don’t forget about cuticle oil because it also needs nutrition at any time of the year (although from time to time we forget about it, at least until it is time to update the decorative manicure ☺).

  • Properly select hand cream.

To keep us happy with our hands’ appearance all winter, we apply a nourishing cream in any case. Wash our hands – apply the cream, do the cleaning – apply the cream, plan to go outside – apply the cream, about half an hour before the exit (it should be absorbed into skin, otherwise, instead of helping, it will only get worse), and, of course, do not forget about it before bedtime. Thanks to this habit, your hands will always be well-groomed and beautiful.

But you also need to choose the correct hand cream: in winter, it is not enough to use a light moisturizer. Therefore, an effective nourishing hand cream must be present in your beauty arsenal. To make the result pleasantly pleasing to you, look for shea butter, avocado, jojoba and almond as part of the protective cream – they prevent moisture loss, nourish and protect the skin, enhancing regeneration.

If you have irritated skin on your hands, pay attention to products with calendula or chamomile extract, and if it has damage and redness, look for zinc oxide in the composition – it will relieve inflammation and help restore the skin’s barrier function. Vitamin E and B5 are also welcomed in winter hand creams because they soften the skin well, make it supple and quickly repair damaged cells.

Other methods of dealing with peeling off of the hands’ skin

To maintain the health and beauty of the skin of the hands, especially in winter, other care is also necessary. This is not just about applying nourishing creams, because this is sometimes not enough.

For example, a scrub is also a very important moment in the entire complex for hand care. Small particles not only rid the skin of impurities and dead cells, but also contribute to better blood circulation (which is also very beneficial for our skin). After this procedure, the nourishing cream penetrates deeper into the inner layers of the skin and will more effectively show itself.

Also in the cold season it is worth pampering your pens with paraffin therapy. There are two types of it: hot and cold. First of all, they differ from each other by the method of impact.

Hot paraffin therapy stimulates blood circulation, affects the joints, starts metabolic processes.

Hot paraffin must first be melted.  If you have a paraffin bath, then hands should be immersed in it (5-6 times), if you have a heater, then paraffin should be applied to the skin with a brush (also in 5-6 layers). After each layer of paraffin, you need to wait 15-20 seconds to allow it to slightly harden. You need to wrap the skin with paraffin in plastic bags, put on terry mittens on top, or you can simply wrap it with a towel. Paraffin should be kept for 15-30 minutes, then removed.

Cold paraffin therapy (paraffin cream) acts more superficially and helps moisturize the skin of the hands, allowing you to quickly remove dry skin. Due to its ease of use, it can be used independently at home, while hot paraffin therapy is difficult to do at home.

Cold paraffin does not need to be melted, as opposed to hot.It must be applied with a thick layer on the skin, wrapped in plastic bags, put terry mittens on top or wrapped in a terry towel. Paraffin should be kept for about 15-20 minutes, then remove the remaining paraffin with napkins.

Before any paraffin therapy procedure, you first need to clean your hands, peel, or at least just wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. And to complete any of these procedures is to use a rich nourishing cream.

Do not forget to drink water during the day, this is necessary to maintain water balance in the body.

And, of course, special attention should be paid to hygienic manicure. After all, temperature changes and a deficiency of vitamins provoke the appearance of burrs and inflammation of the nail walls. And with STALEKS tools to do manicure is one sheer pleasure! ☺

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