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5 ways to attract customers for a novice manicure master

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I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

Manicure and pedicure services have long gained popularity and continue to increase their momentum. Well-groomed hands are a sign of a successful and confident person, regardless of their age and gender.

With increasing demand for such services more and more manicure and pedicure salons are opening, and a lot of self-employed nail care specialists serve their customers at home. Under these conditions, it becomes somewhat difficult for a novice master to build a client base, but it’s quite real nonetheless!

STALEKS has already posted tips to those who are considering a career in eyelashextension business. Let’s talk about manicure and pedicure – in this article, we will take a closer look at the 5 most effective and affordable ways to attract customers.


Where to start?

1.     Create social media accounts.

If you’re not on Instagram and Facebook yet, it’s time to sign up and tell the world about yourself. This method involves constant work with your accounts: every day you need to publish interesting posts and photos of your best works, share and comment news. In addition, keep looking for your target audience, add friends and communicate with the subscribers.

Social media is an effective tool that will bring a large number of customers if used properly. In addition to maintaining a personal page, join relevant groups and post your photos and suggestions, participate in discussions there.

The hardest thing is to take the first step, advancing in the beauty industry is way easier!

2.     Lure potential customers with discounts and special rates.

In a highly competitive environment, it is not superfluous to offer a discount on the first procedure. You can charge for the materials only or offer manicure for free – those wishing to come to you will not be scarce. All you gotta do is to show the best that you can do so the client is 100% satisfied.

For beginner manicure specialists quality of work is of utmost importance. A regular customer that has already visited the same experienced master for two dozen times will very likely come for a manicure at least once again if the master makes a mistake during the procedure. The novice manicurist can’t afford any errors, as their work is judged with a very critical eye.

By offering manicure services at a reduced price you attract new customers. If they like your work, they will return for more again and again. Place ads regarding your services on your social media page and in thematic groups like ‘Model wanted’.

3.     Word of mouth.

Many people do not trust advertising, relying upon the opinions of friends and acquaintances who have tried a particular service/product. You may wonder: how can I make others talk about myself? It’s easy! Tell your family, friends, acquaintances (perhaps ex-colleagues) about your service. There you got your first wave of word-of-mouth!

As we mentioned above, the emphasis is not on quantity but quality. Each satisfied customer is able to bring you from 5 to 15 new clients. This is the second wave, supported by the facts (the results of your work that people can assess immediately).

And again, do not forget to take interesting photos of the best works. They will be useful for creating a portfolio.

4.     Order creative business cards.

The advantage of business cards is that they work for the long-term perspective. Do not expect instant results, you will start feeling the effect gradually. You can leave business cards in the fitness clubs, shopping malls, or supermarkets. Some office buildings have special boards for such purposes, so do not miss the opportunity here.

For even better results, make a special offer for the bearers of the business cards: a discount, a bonus service, or a nice little gift.

5.     Bulletin boards.

There are hundreds of them online! Spend a little time searching for the most suitable and popular ones, register, and post your offers. It is best that the photos are bright and attractive. Do not just take pictures of nails, create the right setting. Show some imagination, and the potential customers will immediately appreciate your extraordinary approach!


What else matters?

It is important to keep the workplace clean and ensure that the instruments are handled correctly. No matter how high-quality and cool manicure you do, if the clients have doubts about sterility or general hygiene, they will never return. And the word of mouth will start working in the opposite direction, against you.

Use high-quality materials and professional instruments – it is the best strategy if you strive for unmatched accuracy of the procedure and perfect end results.

If you are a novice manicure master, do not be afraid to look for your clientele in all available ways. There’s never a shortage of that, hit it the big time!

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